Payroll System

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♦ Company Background

Tender Minds Learning Center was started, by Mrs. Catherine Olayao in a 35 square meter house and was first named as "Sunbeam Daycare" starting with only 12, and then to 27 students. During the filing for officiality of the daycare, the name was then changed into the Tender Minds Learning Center since the first name was said to be already in use. In 2006 Tender Minds Learning Center's students/enrollees are increasing in number, with now students from Preparatory to Grade 6. Thus needing more space, the school was then Transferred to and is now currently located in the address of Yati, Liloan Cebu.

♦ Company's current state in terms of Technology

The Tender Minds Learning Center has been using manual system for their processes regarding transactions for students who wish to enroll for tutorials, where the enrollees/guardians visit the school and the admin manually takes down the student's year level, name, and subject(s) to be reserved.

The payroll system for the school's employees is also processed manually. Employees write down the time of their arrival and affix their signatures as they login, and do the same as they logout and so as they have their overtime. If there are any absences or late, the Admin takes a note of them and deducts a certain amount from the normal salary. The employee's salary is based on their logbook and records, if there had been any deductions.

♦ Company’s need/ challenges that needs technological Intervention

The school has had quite a hard time monitoring the reservations for tutorials, and computations of each of the employees' since they are basically dealing with documents and papers, lots of them. And whenever there are questions and inquiries from the concerned, that's the time they find it hard to trace documents for proof.

♦ Our project as the solution

Every company’s main concern is to have...
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