Payroll System

Topics: Implementation, Software testing, Project management Pages: 5 (1796 words) Published: October 17, 2005
Payroll System Implementation
This report will first examine the Testing Process Summary. This will include a definitive test plan which will identify the major functions of the systems software and hardware to be tested as well as the required system outcomes. Secondly, the installation process and training plan summary will be identified. For this portion of the writing, a Gantt chart will be used to identify the steps and related resources needed to implement the system. A narrative explanation that will discuss the impacts of time and conversion will be included. A description of the training plan will also be outlined. The third section of this writing will summarize the company documentation plan. This will include the identification and explanation of all forms of documentation used throughout the project. The chosen documentation for the technical and user sides of the system will be identified. Lastly, the company support and maintenance plan will be summarized. This plan will outline the chosen software, hardware and networks in regards to the responsibilities of each area. The related resources necessary to properly support and maintain the system will also be identified. Testing Process Summary

Testing is a required portion of the implementation phase. It is useful in ensuring a quality system is installed. A well-defined plan, known as a Master Test Plan (University of Phoenix, 2002, section 4), should be developed to make sure all system attributes have been tested. The Mobile Meds test plan will test the database, the accounting interface, the employee webpage, and the upload of paycheck information to the bank. Unit testing will be completed on each of the system components. Mock delivery routes will be generated from the database. These routes will be checked to ensure that all customers requiring a delivery are included and each delivery route is within the proper region. This test will consist of one hundred deliveries and will be completed by the database administrator (DBA). When this test is completed with no errors in the delivery route reports, the next portion of the system can be tested. The test for the accounting system will use the same mock delivery schedule to ensure that all mileage amounts are correctly calculated. The DBA will also send data through the network to ensure that the mileage calculations are formatted properly to work with the accounting system. After the webpage has been created by the IT generalist and the DBA, several employees will be selected at random to test the security of the system. The intended results will be that no other employee's information can be accessed without the proper password, the information retrieved is correct, only pre-defined fields are available for editing, and edited fields are properly updated in the database. The next test will be a system test linking all parts of the data flow process from customer requests all the way through to uploading paychecks to the bank. This test plan will be used to define an installation plan. Installation Process and Training Plan Summary

The system installation will follow two methods. The beginning of the phase will be done using the parallel method, and then a final system cutover will be done to complete the installation. All new hardware; including the server, new terminals, and wiring; will be installed and tested while the old system is still in use. When the new components are satisfactorily installed and tested, the new system procedures will be implemented. Final installation of the network and connection to the database will be accomplished on a weekend, when the company is normally closed down. A Gantt chart showing the installation steps is attached. There will be no requirement for extensive formal training once the new system is in use. At this point the IT staff has been involved in all parts of the implementation and has acquired all the necessary knowledge to...
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