sociology chapter 9

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Sociology, Racism Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: December 21, 2013
1. The childhood anecdote from the beginning of the chapter shows that racial prejudices and differences are not inborn and they are a result of the way that society shaped a persons image of the different races. Based on this assumption, it is safe to believe that a non-white three year old would be likely to bring home a white “baby sister” because the three year old wouldn’t realize that there is a difference. White people are put at an advantage with an “invisible knapsack of privileges”.

2. There is a link between real estate value and school segregation. Inequalities in wealth have contributed to the long-term inequality between blacks and whites in the United States. As a general statement, whites are usually more wealthy and blacks are usually less wealthy. This contributed greatly to the inequalities between blacks and whites.

3. As much as the idea of race should not necessarily play a role in the differences between people, statistics show that there definitely is a correlation between many things in reference to race. So although politically speaking, race shouldn’t play a factor, it still does and therefore sociologists study it because it has to do with the study of people and where they fall into society at large.

4. Science is informed by culture because sociology, which is the science of people, wouldn’t exist unless there were people and cultures to study. Culture is what makes up sociology. Science, in turn, fueled racism because of what was studied. Science came to the conclusion that racism exists and in turned, fueled it.

5. Eugenics and physiognomy contradict the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” because they explain it in terms of people. They say that the external of a person is not the determining factor and people should not be judged based on that. Today, although in theory it is nice, people still judge based on color, race etc.

6. Racialization is “the formation of a new radical identity, in which...
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