Chapter 1 Summary Sociology

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Hunter Porterfield
Chapter 1 summary
Sociology is the study of the society and the way people interact within it. The field of sociology and trying to study and understand it is very complicating due to the fact that it is such a wide topic. Feelings change along people and nobody can truly explain why people do the things they do. A student attempting suicide out of nowhere is unexplainable or even a random divorce. The unexplainable minds of people and random occurrences really interests me into pursuing this field.

Nobody knows exactly how to describe what sociology is but everyone seems to be interested in figuring it out and doing the same type of studies. A “patterned” social behavior include stuff like professors at a school teaching every day and students sitting in their seat. Not all professors teach the same way and not all students learn the same way but that is the part of sociology that makes it so interesting. Some people have personal patterns such as showing up to class every day and laying their head down until class is over. Other kids write down everything the professor says. The world is very different and everyone has their own patterns in life.

Group behavior is something that varies from individual behavior. Groups can react in a different way for certain events. Winning a world series or winning a super bowl can be a crazy celebration and would definitely not be nearly as fun or exciting if you had to go through it on your own. Winning a masters in golf or the open in tennis is an individual event and would be celebrated in a much different manner. Even sitting at home I have the pattern of being more calm and very in tune with the world. When I am with a group of friends or a team I am much more wild and don’t have a care in the world.

Microsociology is concerned with the study of people as they interact in daily life. Microsociology involves the study of people within their group. Such as a baseball team and...
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