Sociology 3

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Sociology III
Contemporary Social Theory

WEEK 5 Jacques Rancière: Richard Pithouse

Jacques Rancière starts, as Peter Hallward notes in the essay that we will read for the first lecture, from the assumption that everybody thinks and everybody speaks but that not everyone is authorised to think and to speak. Rancière’s work is in fundamental and sustained rebellion against the attempt to place limits on the right to think and to speak. While his work certainly has its limits and has been subject to some cogent criticisms it remains a profound challenge to the elitism that characterises many approaches to social theory and, also, to achieving emancipatory social change.

Readings for each lecture:

Lecture one: Jacques Ranciere and the Subversion of Mastery, Interview with Peter Hallward, 2005 Lecture two: Who is the Subject of the Rights of Man?, Jacques Ranciere, 2004 Lecture three: Communists Without Communism, Jacques Ranciere, 2010 Lecture four: Abahlali’s Vocal Politics of Proximity: Speaking, Suffering and Political Subjectivization, Anna Selmeczi, 2012

Other useful readings & resources:


The Jacques Rancière blog:
Jacques Rancière on the Frantz Fanon blog:

Essays, Interviews etc

Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts, ‘From the Cult of the People to the Cult of Rancière’, Mute Magazine 2012

Jacques Rancière, Democracy, Republic, Representation, 2006...
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