Pt2520 Final Answers 1/3

Topics: Data modeling, Relational model, Foreign key Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: June 3, 2013
reduancy refers to what database condition? The same data is recorded in more than one place in the same database. which best defines the function of a primary key uniquely identify the record what best describes the function of a foreign key. the primary key repeated in another table to show relation a database entity can be best described as: something that the something the database is concerned for, and can be added into the database which best defines the term database requirement? something a database must do to fulfill its function. which of these best defines data integrity? The accuracy and correctness of data in database database report

the focus of a database the business problem it is designed to solve is called? Domain of the database. observing people at work to see how they interact with data is called. Work shadowing which of the following best describes an attribute that can be primary key? candidate key a key that consists of 2 or more attributes combined is called: Composite key which of the follow represents the advantage of natural key? a natural key belongs to and describes the attributes. what type of relationships are shown is 1-1

when u get a many to many: make a linking table that resolves the many to many into 2 1-1 relationships. domain entities
weak entitiy
which term best defines normalization: the process of removing anomolies which is normal form that removes all repeating groups and arrays: normal form 1 which of the follo is normal form that removes transiant dependency: 2nd deletion anomoly occurs when when u remove data that removes other data. which is follow is term for database design adapted to DMS: physical design which best describes data type: colomn specification

which of follow is var character type: nvarchar
what is best data type for this field: text
best defines null: absense of value
describes referental integrity: every foreign key must relate to existing primary key
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