Promotional activities

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Unit 10


IN THIS WE INVESTIGATE HOW BUSINESSES select and deliver promotional activities. You will develop an understanding of the relative advantages and disadvantages of different types of promotional activities. This unit is a very practical one, and you are encouraged to think about how promotional activities are used by a range of different businesses.

The assessment for this unit requires you to produce a plan of a promotion campaign, working within a realistic allocated budget, for a new or existing business. This business can be a company, a partnership or a sale trader, or a not-for-profit business (such as a charity and a public sector organisation). At the end of each topic, there is an assessment practice section. The guidance given in each assessment practice is there to help you build your plan of a promotion campaign as your work through the unit. Your teacher will provide further guidance on how to present your plan of a promotion campaign.

Topic 1

Promotion campaigns 106

Topic 2

Budgets and campaign plans 110

Topic 3

Promotional activities 114

Topic 4

Communicating with target customers 120

Topic 5

Promotional media 124

Topic 6

Researching and analysing customer attitudes 131

Topic 7

The promotional mix 135

Topic 8

Attention, interest, desire, action 139

Topic 9

Recommending a promotional mix 142


Topic 1 Promotion campaigns
Setting the scene: Health Promotion Agency
The Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland (HPA) is a government organisation. Its main responsibility is to provide leadership and support to people and organisations involved in promoting health in Northern Ireland. Its mission statement is “to make health a top priority for everyone in Northern Ireland”.

I to increase knowledge of the major health

effects of passive smoking
I to encourage smokers not to expose others to

In the passive smoking campaign, the HPA used
television advertising, posters, leaflets and information
packs to communicate its message. The promotion
campaign was communicating the benefits of
stopping smoking by focusing on the harm smokers
inflict on the people around them. In general,
organisations can draw on a wide range of
promotional activities designing a promotion

Sales promotions – providing customers with a
direct incentive to buy products, such as an offer
of a free cinema ticket when purchasing a meal in
a fast-food restaurant.

the damaging health effects of their smoking

I to support employers wishing to implement a

non-smoking policy in the workplace

I to encourage non-smokers to be less accepting



I to increase the number of smokers seriously

The campaign used a range of promotional
activities to achieve its objectives, including
television advertising, posters, leaflets and
information packs. The television advertisements
can be viewed on the HPA website.
For more information, visit



Promotion campaigns are a mix of promotional activities
aimed at achieving specific objectives.

Promotional activities include sales promotion,
merchandising, personal selling, exhibitions, advertising
and public relations.

Target audiences (or target groups) are the subgroups of
the population that are the focus of a promotional activity. Target audiences are usually defined by characteristics such as age, sex, income levels and location.

Media are the platforms used to deliver a promotional activity, such as cinema, leaflets and web pages.

Mass media are media which have potential to reach large
audiences, such as television and radio.

Promotional activities

Promotion campaigns, such as the one carried out by
the Health Promotion Agency of Northern Ireland (see
above), consist of a series of carefully chosen and
timed promotional activities. In...
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