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Topics: Marketing, Girl Scouts of the USA, Sales Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Chapter 1:
Graded Quiz-

Game: Beat the Clock

Case Study:
Q: In this chapter we are briefly introduced to the marketing mix and the four Ps—product, place, promotion, and pricing. Can you identify examples of decisions about each part of the mix that are being made in the cookie program? A: Product: Designing cookies to appeal to all types of people and races is what has really been the Girl Scout Cookies’ strong point. EX: The Dolce de Leche is something that can appeal to Hispanics. Place: Girls Scouts sell in front of high traffic grocery stores and they also go to businesses and place mass orders which is a big plus. Promotion: Going door to door into the public brings regular customers so every year around the same time customers will be expecting to see them which shows that they their customer’s satisfaction. Q: How well do you think the Girl Scouts succeed in relationship marketing? Examine the different factors on which relationship marketing depends. A: I think they do pretty good being that most businesses know when their upcoming selling dates are. They could do a little more promotion in the rural areas being that there isn’t that constant reminder. They could consider selling to the local public schools as well. Q: Although some people, such as Ms. Krumsiek, are able to take away clear benefits from their experiences selling Girl Scout cookies, obviously not every Girl Scout is going to go into a marketing career, and many might find the job of cookie selling particularly difficult. Do you think the experience of cookie selling, and more generally the lessons you might learn from this course about marketing and sales, can still be beneficial, especially to someone who might find the activities so hard? A: Yes. No matter how hard the task it will help you in the future. Knowing that it was your work ethic and determination that got you through that task will give you the confidence to complete any task that may come your way.
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