Project Proposal

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Teaching Pages: 5 (1127 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Polytechninc University of the Philippines
San Juan Campus

Philosophy Assessment-Test
(Mobile Application)

A Project Proposal Presented to:
Professor Richard Dacalos

Kym Patrick Benedicto
Alexander Bantatua
Glazyrene Kim Gutierrez
Jelina Mae Lopoz
Jeelyn Anne Noriesta

August 16, 2013


This is a project aimed to help people in their daily or unthinkable philosophical and practical problems by offering a set of answers for them to choose based on their preferences, as well as evaluating it for learning purposes. (Mobile Application)

II.Philosophical Principle/Theoretical Framework

Enhancing meaningful learning by integrating real freedom in a structured design is central to this project. This project is mostly associated with Constructivism Learning Theory fostered by Dewey (1896); based on a Philosophy that knowledge is best receive as information that comes into contact with your existing knowledge that had been developed by experience. Teaching where you concentrate on the learner’s little knowledge and give them the freedom to shape it according to their own nature, thus creating a new knowledge. This theory has one of its roots in philosophy, for the reason that it values experiential learning highly, that knowledge is conditional to a person’s already adapted experience. The stated theory will look on your views in nature, your principle, personality, inherent qualities and other fully adapted conceptions; then the responsibility of learning must reside increasingly with the learner. This type of learning is creative, self-imposed, and much practical. By using this type of teaching, a learner is expected to arrive at their own version of truth, influenced by their background, culture and worldview. Take note that social interaction is a large factor of what kind of person they are now and even a child on its early age could adapt a certain thing through interaction, so uniqueness is valued and should never be trampled. For a person, all of their knowledge are framed by their experiences and coherent ideas; for the Constructive Learning Theory, teaching should not be a matter of imposing something that forces them to adopt an opposing view, instead, allow them to construct for themselves their most coherent conceptions, guide them to a set of heuristic problem solving to challenge their views and allow their reflecting thinking to manage. By this method, the learner is expected to achieve their version of new knowledge (original, innovative, and creative). •Another important contribution here is implementing technology for innovation and encouragement purposes, and also for improving the quality of learning among learners. With the traditional kind of teaching students are more likely to be bored or unfocused in their learning. That’s why innovations are there to help. By using technology, the quality of work will be improved. These theories and principles are the theoretical basis for implementing a kind of teaching that makes the learner learns by giving them complete control to what they want to learn.

III.Rational/ Relevance

The said description of the project is relevant to the theoretical framework of this paper. Creating an Assessment-Test Mobile Application teaches learners -through Constructive teaching method- certain matters that traditional teaching wouldn’t. Coupled with technology, the implementation will be connected logically and coherently in enhancing meaningful learning by using freedom in a structured and enjoyable sense.

IV.Justification for Implementation

Such are the significance for making an Assessment-Test Mobile Application:

-Gives the learner a deeper understanding of the certain subject by giving them profound implications in every aspect by the test. -Avoids the omissions of essential ideas that surfaced inside the learner’s thoughts, which are required in certain fields especially in...
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