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Individual Project Proposal (Central Financial System)
December 7, 2013
Instructor, PMP, CISA

Individual Project Proposal (Central Financial System)
Executive Summary
The Central Financial System or CFS is the new financial system that will keep track of every employee’s paid time. The centrally located system will be available online for every employee to view their personal details involving paid time off, sick leave, hourly wage, copy of their pay stubs or W-2’s. All of the information in CFS will be available online. Introduction

Implementing a new and improved financial system means new learning. A successful implementation of the Central Financial System (CFS) also means training will be needed. Who will require training you ask, all managers approving time cards will require training. Stakeholders

Direct Stakeholders
Managers will require three day training in Washington D.C. to learn and share the new knowledge with their branch office employees. Indirect Stakeholders
Employees at the branch offices will be without their managers for a few days and will also be required to use the new system. Objective of CFS
The current legacy financial system being used by the company is becoming obsolete because it is not compatible with current software. Employees do not have access to their personal information and have to rely on mangers for retrieval of information. CFS will be a secure site that will allow each employee their own personal information. Managers will have access to their employees’ information and will approve time cards via the CFS web site. CFS will be extremely useful for real time financial information when needed. Evaluate Success

At the end of 2014, the current financial system is scheduled to be taken offline. CFS will need to be used by all employees before the current system is removed. The first six months will be used for feedback and trial and error for the employees. The three day training...
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