Primal Religions Notes

Topics: Mesoamerica, Earth, Aztec Pages: 3 (483 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Australian Aborigines
* Mythic
* They believed that The Ancestors are supernatural being who created the Earth and all life. * Also, that each ancestor left behind when they left the tribe * That the ancestors were on Earth during The Dreaming * Ritual

* The Initiation was called Wilyaru
* 2 teeth were knocked out and they circumcised the boy. * Then, the elders would cut themselves and poor all the blood that was dripping on the boy. * The boy was scarred with wounds and he then was given a bull-roared * After, the boy would live alone in the wilderness while the wounds healed and the blood wore off. * Social

* Taboo was a place or they were places, things and activities that were set aside for certain people and restricted to others. * Material
* The Totem was a symbol of each Ancestor
* They were in the form or an animal or a natural formation *
* Mythical
* They believed that all things were created by Odolumare, who determines and controls destiny * Doctrinal
* Orishas
* The messenger spirits
* Mediators, lesser gods
* They can either help people out or harm people
* Hundreds of them exist
* Some of them are worshipped by all Yoruba
* Others are special to just one family
* Ethical
* Didn’t act/behave like tricksters
* Mischievous
* ESU is a trickster
* Good and evil
* Part of every shrine
* Ritual
* Presided over by:
* Head of family
* King or Chief of city
* Priests of shrines
The Lakota of North America
* Experiential & Ritual
* Vision Quest
* Men or women and do this
* Gain access to spiritual power
* Supervised by medicine/spiritual
* Perfection
* Remote location for a retreat
* Vision and message...
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