World Religion Final Hum 130

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Islam Pages: 6 (2455 words) Published: January 20, 2013
World Religions Report
HUM 130
Oct 21, 2012
Laura Templeman

World Religions Report
In this paper I will be discussing what I learned about Christianity and Islamic faiths. How that even though these two religions have differences that they have core similarities and history that show that they have more in common than they do not have in common. I will discuss my interview at a Christian church and what I learned from it. Then I will discuss how much all the religions I have studied in this class have in common. Touching on their philosophies, beliefs, virtues and traditions and any areas that show areas they have in common. The Interview was held at The Rock Church in San Bernardino, California. Their church is huge more like a mini stadium in doors version. Clean well lit and very modern. They have a stage in the church where they hold their services. Where smoke and stage lights light up the stage area when music is performed with a live modern day Christian rock band. Everyone was very nice, energetic and positive. During my interview with Pastor Jim I learned that the basic beliefs are; belief in one God, the trinity which is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. That Jesus Christ was born and suffered and died for our sins so we may enter into heaven. That the bible is the word of God that we are to love one another as we love God & as we love ourselves, to care for one another as well. That people are born with sin so we need to be baptized to be washed of sin. That we all have a relationship with Christ & every day is about honoring him. The rules are simply to obey the ten commandments, the word from the bible, to love one another, care for each other, That relationships with the same gender is a sin, You can only be married in a church once, couples to be married must be of the same faith and must take classes first, No praying to the saints, sins can be forgiven with repenting but no confessions to a human being. All sins can be forgiven except for mortal sins such as murder and not believing in the Holy Spirit. Mortal sins can be washed once you become saved or born again which means becoming a Christian. The traditions of the Christian faith are keeping the Holidays, doing ministries locally or elsewhere. The practices are to practice their beliefs and rules, to teach and spread the message of Jesus, attending services each Sunday, love others even the sinner. Baptisms are for children and adults but infants are dedicated to God and of course keeping all traditions. They have bible teachings for all age groups and even a college. They teach about the traditions, practices, rules, history, about missionary work. As far as the afterlife they believe that if you have repented your sins prior to death, led a good life, pure in heart that you will have eternal life in heaven with God. The history that is taught is from the bible both new and old testaments. The holidays they have are: Ash Wednesday the beginning of lent, Good Friday the day Jesus died, Easter Sunday the day Jesus was resurrected, Pentecost the day the Holy spirit came to the disciple after Jesus died, The Transfiguration and Assumption the day Mary mother of Jesus was taken into heaven, Christmas the day Jesus was born and Epiphany also known as Wise Man’s day the day the three wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus. They have Pastors who give the services which can be either men or woman. When I asked what their main difference was with Catholics and Pastor Jim said the main difference is that Christians do not pray to the saints and have some different traditions such as baptism is done only when the person can consent otherwise they dedicate to God and they don’t do confessions to man. Confessions are done between the person and God through pray. Islam and Christianity from the start have many things in common even from the area of the world where they both originated from, Christianity Egypt (P....

References: Fisher, M.P. (2005). Living Religions (6th Ed.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
Lecture on Christianity; Laura Templeman
Lecture on Islam; Laura Templeman
Pastor Jim
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