Hum/130 World Religions Report Wk 9

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Judaism Pages: 4 (1777 words) Published: August 28, 2009
World Religions Report
Dave Clanton
Axia College Student of University of Phoenix
The church itself is not too unlike other churches in the community, aesthetically it has a warm, inviting appeal to it, not too small, but of a fair size. Reinaldo does not agree with the American versions of the Pentecost, and does not attend a Pentecostal church here in the U.S. When I finally met Ray, I was impressed with his abilities as welder and saw that he had mechanical abilities that were overlooked by his previous supervisor because of the language barrier. I decided that I would personally work with him to further evaluate his skills. It was during this period that I discovered that he was not just a welder but an accomplished mechanic as well. I asked him why he was not being paid as a mechanic, and through my broken Spanish and his broken English I found an amazing story. One night while we were working, the subject of some of the things that Ray found to be different in America as compared to Honduras came up, one thing was the fact that you could walk up to a faucet, turn the handle and you could be sure that water would come out. Another was the way that the religions are practiced here. He told me that he was of the Pentecostal faith and he was disappointed in the way the church was different here. How so, I inquired? "Well, in Honduras, we do not watch movies, or go to parties, or dance. The women do not cut their hair, and the men do not grow their hair long. The women wear long dresses to cover their legs, and men wear long sleeves to cover their arms". That would explain why he wears long sleeves when it is 104 degrees outside, I thought to myself."Here in America, it is different, you know, contrary". Yes, I suppose the cultures are different, so it would make sense that the ways that religions are practiced are going to be different, I replied, trying to avoid a lengthy debate on religions as I have been trained to do growing up...

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