Pm586 - Huntsville Plan Project Scope Statement

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Project Scope Statement

Project Name| Huntsville Plan Project| Project Number| #1001| Project Manager| Tejendra Patel| Prioritization| High|
Owner(s)| Walter Seitz|

Project Description| SEITZ corporation is looking forward to build a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama in addition to the existing operations. This will help corporation to meet their business objectives and emerge as market leader in plastic bottles and containers used mainly in the food and dairy industries. This project is also in alignment with company’s mission and strategic plan.| |

Project Product| The list of project product that are needed in order to operate successfully are: * Select resources such as: Architect, Real Estate Consultant, and General Contractor * Recruit and Train Managers for Huntsville Plant * Create a Pre-Production and Production Plan * Create a Building Concept and Design * Procure Building Site, Permits, and Appropriate Approvals * Construct the Huntsville Plant Building * Landscaping on Site * Personnel Recruiting for Plant Operations * Procure Equipment, Raw Material and Truck Fleet * Install Equipment * Create Product Distribution Plan and Pre-Production Plan * Start Up Production and Distribution | |

Project Deliverables| The project deliverable expected from this project once its completed are: * A completely operational manufacturing and distribution facility * Acquisition of equipment required for production and distribution * Meet and/or exceed all building code and safety standards * Complete testing equipment * Extensive walk through 1 week before completion and sign off by management. * Recruiting and training of new personnel. * Provide all appropriate Permits and approvals| |

Project Objectives| To expand Seitz Corporation in accordance with the Company’s Strategic plan set by the Board of Directors by construction of a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama, within a...
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