Huntsville Project

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Huntsville Plant Project
[PM586 Project Management Systems – Project –I]

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Essay 1 Project Communication Plan 3

Essay 2 Risk Management Plan 5

Appendix 8

Project charter 8

Mission 8

Scope 8

Objectives 9

Assumptions 9

Constraints 9

Time/Decision Points 10

Cost/Financial Assumptions 10

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality 11

Project Scope Statement 13

Project Description 13

Project Product 13

Project Deliverables 13

Project Objectives 14

References 15

Essay 1 Project Communication Plan

Project stakeholders who have all forms of communications are more capable of sharing information efficiently to the project team. More knowledge about the project is essential to the project’s success. Project Communication is a tool which project managers should handle well as it provides directions to the team, senior executives, highlights issues, tasks pending, risks and exceptions about the project.

Communication plan will allow project participants with the knowledge of what the status of project is and how they are affected. This plan will layout as a framework for participating, informing and obtaining buy-in from all team members throughout the project cycle.

Janet as a project manager can control the project by obtaining regular status reports from team. The Schedule and method of how to obtain the status should be defined in the communication plan. The status report will help the team to determine where the project stands at a particular period of time.

Communication can be oral or written, oral communication helps to build an face to face agreement. Usually, this helps during the start of the project. Written communication through email or through any type of document will be more reliable form as this is more appropriate for future

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