Pegasus Airlines Case Study

Topics: Low-cost carrier, Airline, Marketing Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Marketing management
Case study
“Pegasus Airlines”

Question no.1
Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that Pegasus customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of each for Pegasus’ practices? Answer no.1
1. Examples of needs can be Pegasus customers need diversification. 2. Examples of wants can be customers want to improve airline industry and reflect their opinions. 3. Examples of demands can be low-cost airline, many destinations they want to go, improved quality of services and many benefits related to customers.

We can conclude the implications of each for Pegasus’ practices are customer-oriented company. In other words, they want to meet customer’s expectation. Question no.2
Describe in detail all the facets of Pegasus’ product. What is being exchanged in a Pegasus transaction? Answer no.2
Pegasus gives customers many things. First of all, Pegasus is the first low-cost airline in Turkey. They create credit (loyalty) card to reduce insurance rate. They have refund strategy when departure is delayed to alleviate customers’ dissatisfaction. And they run social network relationship like Facebook, Twitter and Vodafone etc. Pegasus sometimes opens an event for free tickets. And they always try to listen customers’ voices to know better their tendency and thinking.

Question no.3
Which of the five marketing management concepts best applies to Pegasus? Answer no.3
We saw Pegasus’ many activities to go happily together with customers. So we can call them a marketing-oriented company. Because marketing orientation requires something fulfill customers’ desire. Question no.4

What value does Pegasus create for its customers?
Answer no.4
1. The Pegasus has significantly determined the need and wants of the consumers and delivered them the satisfaction that they wanted.

2. They also provide them the facilities above their expectations like they provide them with the discounted insurance rates, a...
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