Henderson Hardware Case

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Amanda Savage
Bus. Mgt.
Henderson Hardware Case

1. Their biggest problem is that the baby boomers and other consumers are looking for a lower price and discounts which they got at competitor stores like Home Depot and Wal-Mart.
Strengths: twelve owned stores in 8 countries of the state
Family owned business, so no outsiders
Were very successful in the beginning when they first opened
Weakness: stores are going downhill, neighborhoods have gone downhill
Customers make small purchase
Have no strategize plan, each store in every state had different promotion, inventory, attention to service, aisles all different, none of the stores were consistent with one another except the needs

Your kids and baby boomers wan to buy their at low prices
Opportunities: company needs to see consumers have different needs and wants; they need to satisfy them. Develop marking plan to attract the consumers
Make commercials to tell stories about the their hardware store, make sure every store is consistent, also a letter environment to consumers with lower prices
Threats: their competitors such as Wal-mart, Lowes and Home Depot
Younger kids wanting lower prices
2: I actually think the cost leadership differentiations strategy both would be good. They need to lower their prices than competitors and develop an advertising or promotion and help their product stand out from their competitors making consumers wanting to buy from them.

3: She can write up a SWOT analysis, write up a strategic plan for all the company to follow. Take him to the other competitor stores to show how they advertise and promote their products, come up with an inviting environment to the consumer. I think she will succeed.
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