Nicolas Poussin Landsape with John on Patmos

Topics: BBC World Service, Conflict, Newspaper Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Completing this dossier was a very interesting process, and while it was difficult at times to keep up with finding an article for each week, it forced me to read up on current events. Something I would not have done if this project was never assigned at the beginning of the semester. All of the articles I used for this project were written in the Gazette and most of the articles I used for my paper came from the world section. This project allowed me to see that while there are many good aspects to the world we live in toady, there is also a large presence of “bad.” While some of my articles discussed a consensus between two or more parties, the most part I found demonstrated some sorts of conflict throughout the world. This has led me to believe that the world has a lot of downsides I had previously not been aware of. For example, before finding an article for week 3 (Feb 4th to Feb 10th) I was completely unaware that there were problems and issues between Japan and China, and certainly not to the extent where they are locking missile radars on each other’s territories. I also learned that there were and are still multiple issues which are still being handled abroad, issues which are violating the citizens rights, an example of this would be the Ethiopian women who were being forced to take birth control without being warned of the side effects or being offered other methods. While there are many conflicts, I think that more often than not, there is an approach or solution being thought of, in order to handle to problem in a proactive way.

In summary, this project was very interesting to complete and it allowed me to gain knowledge about the world which I would have missed or neglected to care about if I hadn’t been required to complete this project. It has also given me a chance to realize that I am interested in what is going on in the world today. I will probably start reading the newspaper more often now that I know there are so many issues both...
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