Landscape with St. John on Patmos

Topics: Western painting, John of Patmos, History of painting Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: April 17, 2013

The piece of work that I really admired and found myself starring at much longer than the others that was made between 1450 to 1750 was, Nicolas Poussin’s, Landscape with St. John on Patmos. Knowing from my past art history research and education, Nicolas Poussin is considered to be one of the most influential French artists of his era, with this painting being a great example of why he can take that honor. This painting is an example of a new style of thoroughly set and highly idealized classical landscape.

The painting is 39(1//2) by 53(5/8) inches, using oil paints on canvas and was created in the year 1640. When one first looks at the painting as it hangs on the wall, they would see a man, Saint John, that appears to be writing on some type of paper sitting at the foreground of the painting in bright yellow and red clothing. The reason that the audience can tell this man is St. John is because the eagle that sits beside him, which is the symbol of the Saint John evangelist, and also the halo that hovers over the head of the man in the painting is a good indicator. As Saint John sits on the ground, he has a sheet of paper in his hands as well as some sheets lying next to him on the ground. The reason that you can tell that he is writing something and not just reading it is because although it maybe small, on the ground next to him is a pen and some ink that look as though they have been use. With the way that Poussin painted Saint John sitting and the features on his face it almost feels as if Saint John was in a deep thought or puzzled on what to write. Although many people describe this scene to be a very violent and emotional scene Poussin does a great job making the scene look calm and very peaceful to its audence.

As you move throughout the scene you will notice that ruins of buildings surround man, to his left, right and even in the middle ground. To the right and left of Rizza2
Saint John the ruins are not full buildings but just...
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