After School Programs

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Field Work Abstract/ Evaluation
March 17, 3013

1. Summarize you research paper.
My research paper is talking about after school programs and the effects they have on students. These after school programs have a 100% percent influence on kids. It allows students to go to a program after school while these parents are still at work and let the students work on homework, meet new friends, and stay out of trouble; As a result, after school a program are a good encouragement on young teens and offers the students with the positive attention they need.

2. Twenty-five word description of your field work.
My fieldwork is at the Youth Athletic League in Whittier. I am a tutor to young students as well as teach the girls tumbling and cheer.

3. Relationship between paper and your field work.
My paper provided me with all the education about after school programs. Learning about this topic was very helpful because it showed me what a positive impact after school programs have on young students. Overcoming my field work showed me first-hand what this program does to them. After all the hours I have put into helping these young kids I would really look into doing it in the future. Overall, my paper and my field work both showed me the importance of these after school programs.

4. Estimate total hours spent on field work.
The estimated time spend on my field work would have to be 42 hours total.

5. How did your mentor directly help you in completing your fieldwork? My mentor was the best mentor of all he was there with me through everything if I needed help with something he would make time for me and help me. After I finished completing something I would show my mentor and have in proof read it and tell me what he thinks.

6. Date field work was started. January 14, 2013. Date field work completed. April 14, 2013

7. List materials used if required.
There were no materials used.

8. List other resources used.
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