Need Analysis

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Needs Analysis

• “Needs analysis is the process of establishing the what and the how of a course.” Dudley-Evans,T. and St. John MJ. (1998) • Needs Assessment: A definition Needs assessment is a systematic and ongoing process of gathering information about students’ needs and preferences, interpreting the information, and then making decisions based on the interpretations in order to meet the needs Graves (2000)

Stages in ESP Process

Types of Needs Analysis
Dudley-Evans & St John (1998) : • 1.Target situation analysis = objective, perceived, product-oriented needs • 2. Learning situation analysis = subjective, felt, process-oriented needs • 3. Present situation analysis = the learner’s current strengths and weaknesses (what learners already know)

• Target situation = analysis tries to establish what the learners are expected to be like at the end of the language course. • Present situation = attempts to identify what they are like at the beginning of it. • Learning situation = tries to establish how the learners wish to learn ratherthan what they need to learn

Cases (which needs analysis)
• • • • • • • • • • I need to see vocabulary written down. I have occasional meetings with British colleagues. I find it difficult to write persuasively. I pick things up by listening. Student X needs to read more widely. I like problem solving. 7 I get my tenses mixed up. I hate group work. I have to write reports. My problem is finding the right word.

Current concept of needs analysis (1)
• Environmental situation - information about the situation in which the course will be run (means analysis); • Personal information about learners - factors which may affect the way they learn (wants, means, subjective needs); • Language information about learners - what their current skills and language use are (present situation analysis); • Learner's lacks (the gap between the present situation and professional information about...
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