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1. Describe how the challenges in the Simple Getaways RFP affect key stakeholders. The current technological solution employed by Simple Getaways impacts three key groups of stakeholders. Human resources personnel, travel agents, and management are all negatively impacted by the current design. All stakeholder groups are affected by the version control challenges caused using multiple regionally based file servers and the lack of an integrated file management system. Multiple versions of files affect the processing of human resources paperwork and cause confusion amongst travel agents and customers. This could potentially result in poor decisions based on wrong or outdated information by management personnel. Another challenge is a lack of accurate and timely collaboration and information flow between offices. Each regional site has its own file system which is not accessible to the other offices. In order to exchange information it must be emailed between offices, modified and then redistributed. This results in multiple versions of documents and an inefficient flow and exchange of information. Once again this is caused by the lack of a centralized and integrated knowledge management system. Human resource personnel are burdened with paper based workflow to perform administrative functions such as processing sick leave and vacation requests. These forms are locally stored in the regional offices and either faxed or mailed between offices. This requires a longer processing time and could also result in lost paperwork which would require duplicate effort in addition to requiring storage space for filing cabinets. 2.Discuss the difference between the actual performance and the desired performance of Simple Getaways.

The actual performance of Simple Getaways is slow, cumbersome and inefficient. It is relies on paper-based administrative processing and manual information exchange via email for collaboration and information sharing. Management...
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