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  • Computer File and Interactive Media

    to provide evidence against the following criteria. Unit Criteria Reference Criteria Task No 30 P1 Describe the hardware and software used to create and edit graphic images. 1 30 P2 Explain how different types of graphic images relate to file formats. 2 30 M1 Compare the limitations of different hardware and software packages used in graphics work. 1 30 D1 Evaluate the impact of evolving output mediums on the design and creation of graphic images. 1 35 P1 Describe theory and

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  • Assignment: File System and Master File

    any four- application areas of databases b) What is business computing? What role does the database play in business computing? . Q4 a) Write short notes on: i) Inventory Control System ii) Payroll System b) Differentiate between Master file and Transaction File (With examples) Q5 a) Write a program to find the factorial of a number b) Write a program to print the Fibonacci series 0 1 1 2 3 5 8-------20 Q6 Write the output for the following: (i) What will be the result of the following commands?

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  • Distributed file system

    Distributed File System Abstract A method of storing and accessing files based in a Client/Server Architecture. In a distributed file system‚ one or more central servers store files that can be accessed‚ with proper authorization rights‚ by any number of remote clients in the network. Much like an operating system organizes files in a hierarchical file management system‚ the distributed system uses a uniform naming convention and a mapping scheme to keep track of where files are located. When

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  • The Simple Solution to Condensing, Viewing and Organizing Computer Files

    The Simple Solution to Condensing‚ Viewing and Organizing computer files. Things to consider before beginning: • Consider what functions you want to perform with your files. Why are you organizing • Do you want to condense information for mainly storage purposes‚ rather than for everyday usage? If so‚ see Section B. • If you want to organize your information into "file cabinets" which you can access easily‚ quickly view‚ and work from what is contained within‚ see Section A. Section A:

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  • File Systems and Permissions

    5 Files’ Directory and 5 chmod Commands These lines are list of permissions that are out putted to a user when they use the command ls-1. This is the information about the file‚ what will be returned is similar to the lines below. Each line describes one file. From left to right each part of line has a specific meaning. These lines can be broken down like this: -The first letter represents the File Type‚ this tells the file type for example d stands for directory and a – means it is a

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  • File System and Configuration File

    analyzed? Pg 430 chkconfig -level 35 analyzed 6. What command would let you most safely switch to runlevel 2 without rebooting the computer? Pg 431 Telinit 2 7. What type of control does SELinux implement? Pg 414 Mandatory Access Control 8. Know all of the possible states of SELinux . Pg 414 Enforcing Permissive and Disable 9. The files hosts.allow and hosts.deny belong to what security system? Pg 447 TCP Wrappers 10. Given the following entries‚ what will happen when

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  • Assignment: Computer Program and Data File

    locations. Based on this provided code‚ you are then asked to create a new python program for a different (but similar) system. You are provided with 3 files:  This document‚  A data file‚ “orders.txt”  A Python file‚ “ordersystemcomplete.py”. The data file and Python file should be downloaded into the same folder. Save your copy of the Python file as system.py‚ for example‚ 20119999system.py Tasks 1) Your first task is to examine the code you have been given. Answer specific questions throughout

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  • Random (Hashed) File and Index File

    Introduction There are distinct non-sequential file structure models in the computer system‚ generally‚ the file structure can be subdivided into two major types which are the random (hashed) file and the index file. This will compare the both types of file structure models and its advantages and disadvantages. The random (hashed) file It is quite useful of this type structuring system while the files are non-sequential that can be depicted as data storage spaces and which are subdivided into

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  • File Management and File Systems

    File Management and File Systems xxxxxxxxxx Course Date xxxxxxxxx File Management and File Systems Every computer system needs to have some way to manage the files that it contains. Whether or not the user even knows it‚ it is something the system does automatically. The way that each system manages files is different and unique. The way to save information on the system should make life simpler on the user. The differences of each of these file management systems are easy to outline‚ and

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  • File Management Summary

    today’s world‚ file management is as important as ever when it comes to your computer. Every time you access your computer‚ new files are steadily piling up behind the scenes. You probably wont even notice these files until you go back to find that business document you saved two weeks ago. That’s where smart file management comes in and helps through a few different arrears. The first thing you can do to get started with smart file management is to make new folders on your computers hard drive

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