Ptlls Level 3 Assignment

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Assignment 2.

Write a concise summary (approximately 1’200 words) to demonstrate your understanding of your role and responsibilities as a teacher in relation to:

Your responsibilities and those of others who have an effect on your work.

Legislation – how might it impact on your area and context of teaching.

Equality, diversity and inclusion – in what ways can you integrate these principles into your teaching.

Internal and external assessment requirements- what requirements do you need to follow in this area.

Keeping records – what records do you need to keep and why.

Recommended word count 1’200 words..... Tip. (Highlight your text click tools select word count)

Assignment 2 – ANSWER:

Your responsibilities and those of others who have an effect on your work

As a teacher it is your responsibility to ensure the learners achieve the intended learning outcomes which should give them a fair opportunity of passing the course assessment criteria. The teachers role would normally include the following:-

Identifying the learner needs, completing an initial learner assessment prior to the course will give a better understanding of learner knowledge / experience; •Knowing the availability of any specific resources to assist in the learning process; •Identifying learner outcomes and liaising with key stakeholders / employers to discuss desired outcomes and the planning of varied activities to aid the learning process; •Ensuring suitable accommodation / facilities are available, to provide the desired learning setting; •Ensuring adequate lesson plans are available for the programmes being delivered, and that the lesson plans are followed or adapted to ensure all learning outcomes are met; •Provide learner support as deemed necessary to achieve the learning outcomes; •Ensuring that all learners are not only included in the learning process, but actively participate; •Assess learners achievements throughout the programme, giving feedback in a positive manner; •Assess learners achievements at the end of the programme, and recording those achievements; •Internal verification of colleagues assessment decisions and reviewing assessment records; •Review and evaluate feedback from learners and other stakeholders, in order to improve future delivery techniques and programme resources; •Maintain adequate records of assessment for traceability and quality assurance requirements, particularly with external organisations, such as awarding bodies; •Recognize your own limitations and seek further advice from colleagues or others who may have relevant experience and knowledge; •Promoting values in keeping with equality, diversity and inclusion, and lead by example; •Be professional in your relationship with others, maintain integrity, be respectful, consider appropriate language and tone of voice; •Maintain compliance with set policies and procedures from both your organisation and external bodies

The above roles and responsibilities can be best summed up in the five stage teaching and learning cycle:- initial assessment, planning and preparation, teaching, assessment, evaluation. This five stage cycle is a continuous process which will ensure teachers can improve and evolve the learning programmes and outcomes. The teachers role and responsibilities will vary greatly from organisation to organisation, so it is important to find out what your organisation requires before the learning programmes begin.

Legislation – how might it impact on your area and context of teaching

Legislation affects each and every one of us, some to a lesser or greater degree than others. As a teacher, there are not only policies and procedures to follow, but legislative requirements which have to be met. These include the following:- •Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 – the cornerstone of all safety legislation, this act sets out the general duties which employers have towards...
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