Lab experiment 7 questions and conclusion

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Experiment 7

1.Coccus shape bacteria are more structurally sound.
2.Alpha will turn green on the plate because the bacterium is outcompeting the body for oxygen because there is an iron binding site. Beta hemolysis is cellular death which means that when it is present in the body it is releasing an acidic byproduct or a basic byproduct which will crush the structure of the blood cells. Alpha outcompetes with the blood for oxygen while beta hemolysis kills the competition for blood. Both result in the bacterium obtaining more oxygen for replication. Yes. 3.The purpose of the capsule is adherence or to stick to its spot.

In this lab, we isolated and compared bacteria from our skin and throat. We created two nutrient agar plates, three mannitol agar plates and two blood agar plates (seven in total). These plates were streaked with bacteria from either the skin or the throat. The skin streaks were done before and after washing the face and then incubated at 37 degrees for 48 hours. The throat streaks were also incubated at 37 degrees for 48 hours. On both the Mannitol Salt Agar plate and Nutrient Agar plate the number of bacterial colonies was too numerous to count before washing, as seen in the results. After washing the Mannitol Salt Agar plate had about ten bacterial colonies and the Nutrient agar plate had zero, as seen in the results. In the second lab, we observed the colonies after incubation and chose a new colony for restreak and incubation. After performing gram stains, we were unable to determine for the throat swab due to an error in the overuse of crystallized violent. In the third lab we examined the Mannitol Salt agar and Blood Agar restreak plates and found that the colonies were the same as the originals. For the throat and face restreak after performing the gram stain we were able to determine that the isolated bacteria was gram negative. The type of hemolysis observed on the throat swab was beta hemolysis, more...
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