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Lab Questions

By Dixiehope2698 May 04, 2014 531 Words
Lab Questions
How is positive parenting different from negative parenting? Which do you think is more effective? Why? Do you think positive parenting should have more rules or fewer rules in the home? Why? How would you deal with a situation of biting? Do you think your approach would fit into a “positive parenting” framework? Why or why not?

Why do new parents feel pressure? What are some of the biggest sources of worry for new parents? Why do you think have become so caught up in the details rather than in basic parenting? How can you know if a baby is happy?

Why do you think crying is so stressful for parents?
How do you think you would do as a parent? What challenges do you think you’d face?

Lab Questions
Positive parenting is different from negative parenting because a positive parenting is when they encourage their kids to speak their mind and help them build up their self-esteem while negative parenting is trying to control their child’s life. I think positive parenting should have fewer rules because in order to be a positive parent you should be able to trust your children to make the right decisions. I would deal with biting by either giving the child chew toys for kids and tell them no biting when they start. I believe my approach would fit into the “positive parenting” framework because I would be teaching the child that its not ok to bite without yelling at him.

New parents feel pressure because they are taking care of a new born child. They have other people watching them to see how they are doing as a new parent. Some reasons new parents can feel that they have pressure upon them is they can get a little overwhelmed with the new child and can worry about the child’s health. They start to over worry in some ways thinking anything could be wrong with them which puts a lot of pressure on them without them realizing that they are doing it to themselves. So many people have gotten caught up in what actually makes them a good parent that they are starting to go a little bit over board with the parenting thing. A good parent should not have to thin about how to be a good parent it should just happen. You can tell a child is happy by knowing when they are sleeping, when they eat, and their emotions throughout the day. If they are all normal and at a normal time your child should be fine. When a baby is crying it can be very stressful on the parents because not all of the time the parents know what the child wants at that point in time and it can also give the parents headaches or it can stop them from sleeping at night. I think I would do pretty good as a new parent. I have been pretty good as a baby sitter with all ages and I believe I would face the same challenges any other new parent would face such as financial issues, stress, and the pressure from other parents or my parents.

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