Lab Question Answers 02

Topics: Fingerprint, Forensic science, Murder Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: January 12, 2015
Module Two: Lab Questions
1. Why was the Crippen case important?
The Crippen case was the first case to use forensic science and was the first trial by media. This case shaped the field for modernizing forensic science. 2. What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? Crippen was accused of murdering his wife by means of poisoning his wife and then completely separating her body into many pieces. He was accused because his wife was found in a shallow grave in the basement of their home. 3. Why do you think people were so interested in Crippen's case? The crazy news of the shocking crime made everyone internationally shocked making the case very appealing to people. The brutal ness of the crime made everyone worry if it may happen to them next making the interested and also it was the only crime of this sort in their day. 4. Why was forensic science important in Crippen's trial? How was it used in the trial? It was so important because it helped to prove later on that Crippen may not have been the suspect of the murder. It was used by studying Dna and also fingerprints and other physical evidence from the crime scene. They also used it to determine the pajama shirt was the same as the piece on the crime scene. 5. What do modern forensic scientists find when they examine samples of the remains? They find many clues that the body wasn’t actually that of Cora and also signs that Crippen may not have committed the crime. 6. What other evidence linked Crippen to the remains in the cellar? The piece of pajama shirt that was found in the cellar and also the piece of scar tissue in the cellar. 7. What other inconsistencies were found in the case when the evidence was re-examined? Why do you think these inconsistencies were ignored at the time of the Crippen trial? The fact that the body found was actually Cora was a huge inconsistency. I believe that they were ignored because forensic science was not yet developed completely and thee was the ability...
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