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Topics: Psychotherapy, Family therapy, Jean Piaget Pages: 44 (16994 words) Published: February 12, 2013
1. The Piagetian stages are as follows: Sensorimotor Intelligence Stage, Preoperational Stage, Concrete Operational Stage, and finally Formal Operational Stage. 2. People believe that because people are experts in one area, they are experts in all areas. This is the halo effect. 3. When you examine human development from an ipsative point of view, you: Examine the individual in relationship to himself. 4. Exposure to someone will increase attraction

5. According to Kohlberg, when moral decisions are based on peer group expectations, the morality level is: Conventional 6. At what age is conformity with peers most likely to be the highest? 12-14 7. You hide a Snickers candy bar behind your back while playing with a 9-month-old infant. The little tyke searches diligently for it. This child is developing Object permanence 8. When high levels of arousal and stress are present: An individual may exhibit emotional, extreme, and disrupted behaviors. 9. Generally, the levels of arousal needed for optimum performance are: Moderate 10. Which is true of adolescents? Boys who reach physical maturation early tend to be more popular. 11. According to Freud and Erikson's stages of maturation, which stage results in the establishment of favorable relationships and the ability to set goals and carry out plans without infringing upon the rights of others? Freud's term: Phallic stage--Erikson's: Initiative vs. guilt 12. Who theorized that a child's capacity for trust developed from interactions with caregivers from an early age? Erikson 13. In Freud's psychosexual stages of development, dormant sexual feelings are the focus of what stage?: Latency 14. When teaching an animal a new trick by rewarding successive approximations to a predetermined behavior (the trick), you are using the procedure known as: Shaping 15. Usually the most important element in recovery from emotional and/or mental disorders is: Commensurate social support system 16. A college student is rejected by all the medical schools he applies to. He assumes a fetal position and rocks back and forth. This is an example of: 17. In the popular young adults series Twilight, the main character Bella has to choose between two great guys, both of whom she loves. The type of conflict she feels is called: Free choice dissonance 18. Complimentarily theory would tell us what about two interacting individuals? Dominant personalities attract submissive personalities 19. Polina is a pregnant mother-to-be and is very careful with her baby. When is the unborn baby most vulnerable to X-rays and certain medications? During the first eight weeks of development 20. Erickson believed that all individuals experience a psychosocial crisis. 21. Psychology graduate student writes his dissertation on the Kitty Genovese case; he is most likely studying what? The Bystander Effect 22. The principal way that children become moral, according to psychoanalytic theory, is through: Identification with the same sex parent. 23. My in-laws attended a church that believed the world was going to end at the turn on the century. Major Y2K believers. They sold their home and moved to South Carolina with other church members. When the prediction failed, they now believe their preacher's praise that God decided not to come now. What psychological term describes their situation: Cognitive dissonance 24. Erikson identifies young adulthood with which of the following psychosocial conflicts: Intimacy vs. isolation 25. Clemence and Stephen recently had a young baby girl. Their pediatrician, Dr. Patel, told them to toilet train her when: She is at least two years old 26. Lawrence Kohlberg, professor at Harvard University, became famous for his work in moral education. Kohlberg demonstrated that people progressed in their moral reasoning through a series of stages, which could be generally classified into three levels, with each of the three stages having two...
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