Criminal Justice: Exam Review Questions

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Criminal Justice 3311

Review Questions
Exam 2

To insure you obtain the best possible grade, be sure to research each question as completely as possible. Try to answer these questions as if you are providing information to an individual who knows nothing about each topic. Explain your answers in detail; remember, the more complete your answer is the better your grade will be.

1.The importance of Lawrence Kohlberg’s work is the link he makes between moral development and reason. Although this concept originated with Kant and other earlier philosophers, Kohlberg provides a psychological analysis that sheds light on how reason influences moral judgments. Describe what is necessary for moral growth according to Kohlberg. Explain. 84-89 •Kohlbergs observations and psychometric testing of children and adults led him to theorize that human beings progress invariantly and consecutively in their power of moral reasoning (i.e., in their bases for moral behavior) through a series of six clearly identifiable stages which can be more generally classified into three levels. •Pre-conventional Level: Egoistic- STAGE 1: PUNISHMENT AND OBEDIENCE ORIENTATION- what is right is praised and what is wrong is punished. The child sumbits to the authority figure and only worries about the punishment.

STAGE 2: INSTRUMENTAL and realtivity orientation-the child becomes aware and concern with others needs. What is right is determined by self intrests, but the concept self intrest is broadened to include those who are within the childs sphere of relationships. Relationship are important to the child and attached to siblings and parents, who are included in the ring of self intrest.


The individual prefroms conventially determined good behavior to be considered a good operson. The view of others are important. They will control their feelings so they wont hurt others •STAGE 4: LAW AND ORDER...
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