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Family Therapy

same way as any other behavior | Causes:learnedTreatments: therapy | Cognitivesuggests that faulty thinking or distorted perceptions can contribute to some types of psychological disorders | Causes:disorderTreatments:counseling | Humanisticability to fulfill their potential, abnormal behavior results from person's potential and self-concept | Causes:How they are bornTreatments:Drug treatment | Part 2. Chapter 13 - What type of therapy? Identify the type of psychotherapy represented by each...

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Individual Therapy One to One Relationship – take place over a designated period of time in a stable meeting Phases (Nurse-client relationship) Preinteraction phase – obtaining information about a client from chart or others, nurse examines feelings/anxieties about the client Orientation/Introductory phase – trust/rapport, establish contract for intervention (goal), gather data, assess strengths & weaknesses, establish nursing dx, set goals, develop action plan, explore feelings of nurse & client...

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Family Therapy

Abstract Family Therapy is very important in many families and homes for several reasons. Family therapy helps many families with communication issues and it helps to resolve major family conflicts. Family therapy also assists family members become able to relate to one another in a positive way. Family therapy also helps families going through traumatic events such deaths, divorces, and major illnesses. Family therapy can involve certain members of the family or the entire...

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Psychological Therapy: Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the relationship between family members or partners. While other type of therapy look at individual patients alone, family therapy brings family relationships into the picture. The goal of this therapy is to explore the relationships with other family members that may be the potential cause of the problem or problems of the identified patient (Exploring 503). There are multiple approaches that a family therapist may take. Some of the major techniques...

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Systemic Family and Couple Therapy for Mood Disorders

Systemic family and couple therapy for mood disorders Behaviourally-inspired couple therapy approaches have been used for some time and have proved to be effective with patients suffering from depression. A number of RCTs of marital therapy as a treatment for depression have been conducted (e.g. O'Leary & Beach, 1990; Jacobson et al, 1991; Emanuels-Zuurveen & Emmelkamp, 1996; Baucom et al, 1998). Interpersonal systems therapy (Gottlieb & Colby, 1987) and conjoint interpersonal therapy (Klerman et...

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling Approach Research Paper COUN 601 Daphane Moore Abstract A family counseling approach is a counseling theory that includes a combination of a variety of techniques, interventions, and tenets are used to address the needs of family members. Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy developed by Sigmond Freud. He was the first therapist to explore talk therapy as a viable means for treating psychological disorders. Psychotherapy serves as an umbrella concept for psychotherapeutic...

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Psycho Education- Family Systems

r Report on Family Systems Tools Report on Family Systems Tools Family psycho education has many different models each model includes common elements. The different models of family psycho education include single and multiple family groups, mixed groups that include patient and family members, groups of varying duration, and groups that focus on families and the patient at different stages during the illness, or problem. Multi-family groups are thought to be very successful in treating...

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History of Marriage and Family Therapy

History of MFT The history of family therapy began around 1960 when Gregory Bateson came up with the term, “system thinking.” This type of therapy was a daring departure, from traditional and individual treatment during the 1960s. He was involved in the schizophrenia research project in Palo Alto, California, which had a strong impact in shaping the course of family therapy. Along with his colleagues Jay Haley, John Weakland, William Fry, Don Jackson and later Virginia Satir, Paul Watzlawick,...

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Family Therapy Model

 Family Therapy Models Abstract Family Therapy Models Family therapy models of psychotherapy can be divided into three classifications—ahistorical, historical, and experiential (Griffin & Greene, 1998, p. 3). The ahistorical classification includes structural family therapy, strategic family therapy, behavioral family therapy, psychoeducational family therapy, and communication models (Griffin & Greene, 1998, p. 3). The historical...

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Emotionally Focused Therapy

 Emotionally-Focused Therapy Related to Attachment Theory Jordan Gies Metropolitan State University PSY 2150 To love and be loved in return is essential for an individual’s happiness. In accordance with many other aspects of life, marital status as been linked to influencing ones life in a positive way; making it happier (Stack, Eshleman, 527). The problem with this is that not all marriages stay healthy and good. With divorce rates raging from 40%-50% in the United States, there...

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Confidentiality in Group Therapy

| Confidentiality in Group therapy | | ------------------------------------------------- Over the past several decades the advancement of group modalities in the mental health profession, has brought about several potentially challenging ethical and legal scenarios that pertain specifically to confidentiality, privileged communication and privacy in group work. The inherent power of therapeutic groups to bring about personal change for members has seen increasing recognition in recent...

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History of Marriage and Family Therapy

The history of family therapy began around 1960 when Gregory Bateson came up with the term, “system thinking.” This type of therapy was a daring departure, from traditional and individual treatment during the 1960s. He was involved in the schizophrenia research project in Palo Alto, California, which had a strong impact in shaping the course of family therapy. Along with his colleagues Jay Haley, John Weakland, William Fry, Don Jackson and later Virginia Satir, Paul Watzlawick, Bateson developed...

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Families Are Not Dangerous

Name Instructor’s name Class February 25th, 2013 Families Are Not Dangerous Barbara Ehrenreich in her article titled Are Families Dangerous?, tries to argue that the family institution is the root cause of much violence in the world. Ehrenreich brings up many infamous cases of murder and violence, ones that the general public knows about due to the seemingly endless media coverage covering these violent acts, in essence glorifying the individuals charged and accused of their heinous crimes...

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Family Conflict

the writer will mediate a family conflict that involves two parents and 2 two teenage children. Each parent work full-time and are in executive level positions that require a lot of travel or late hours. As a result the children are left home a lot unattended and tend to fight all the time. Their academics are suffering because of the constant fighting with one another while the parents are not home. The older of the two dictates what should be done. The entire family is now unhappy and there seems...

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Object Relations Family Therapy Conceptulaization

John, Sally, and their daughter Mary came into therapy wanting to help deal with current issues relating to Mary’s depression and self-harm. They had discovered that Mary had been occasionally cutting herself as well as isolating herself in her room for long hours. Sally had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, which was successfully operated on, and was in remission. From an object relations perspective much of the family’s relationship and way of dealing, or in this case not dealing with...

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Treatments and Therapies For Psychological Disorders

is, it is all based on subjective data and the unconscious mind. During this treatment, patients may recall false memories and believe that they are true causing more anxiety and issues with treatment. In the psychodynamic approach to therapy, a therapist has complete power over a patient as the patient does not have any knowledge on the subject, this could potentially lead to exploitation of the client, whether it be financially or emotionally. As previously mentioned, there is...

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Family of woodstock week 2

 Family of Woodstock, Inc. BSHS/355 Mar 04, 2015 Family of Woodstock, Inc. The history of human services agencies is tied to a famous event in America’s history know as, "Woodstock". In 1969, Woodstock was a musical moment in music history that lasted three days. This event hosted 32 musical performances performed outdoors and attracted an audience of over 400,000 young people. Even though this event was held an hour away from the town known as Woodstock, the name stuck, and the town...

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Experiential Family Therapy

fulfillment of individual family members View of problem foundation * People’s natural tendency is toward self-actualization, but this can be interrupted by social pressures * The root cause of dysfunction in families is emotional suppression * Parents try and regulate emotions in order to curb certain behaviors * Children grow up with a disconnect from their own emotions * Children seek safety rather than satisfaction * Goal: Help family members uncover their genuine...

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Broken Families and Broken Laws

------------------------------------------------- Broken Families and Broken Laws Before 1981, when the Patients' Right Act was enforced, seriously mentally ill people could be institutionalized. While some people claim that is inhumane, families who had to deal with dangerously ill patients at least had a choice and knew where the patient was and that there would be some kind of treatment. Now we have multitudes of homeless people on the streets, and many of them are mentally ill. They can be...

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How the Medical Model of Psychopathology and the Family Systems Model Reflect Linear and Circular Causality Respectively by Referring to the Causes of Schizophrenia.

INTRODUCTION DEFINITION OF SCHIZOPHRENIA THE MEDICAL MODEL * POSSIBLE MEDICAL CAUSES FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA * SYMPTOMS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA * DISCUSSION OF THE DSM-IV-TR THE FAMILY SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION In this assignment I will show how the medical model of Psychopathology and the family systems model reflect linear and circular causality respectively by referring to the causes of Schizophrenia. SCHIZOPHRENIA Schizophrenia is characterised by a broad spectrum of...

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Etiology of Addiction - Comparison Theory

of Theories The family model theory and the diseases model of addiction are very essential in understanding from psychology point of view. The foremost discussion is the family model. This theory has a very strong belief that the addiction of an individual is could only be understood when the relation of the person with his family is considered on the first priority, this means that any person is determined by his addiction and other habits by his relation with his family members and peers....

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Cybernetic and Social Construction

Construction In Marriage and Family Therapy field, cybernetics and social construction play an important aspect in how a therapist works with his or her clients. However, there are some aspects of cybernetics that may not be important in today’s society because of the evolution in humankind from the early 1920’s to today. In this time and age, cybernetics continues to be in tandem with social construction, and continues to affect psychology, especially in marriage and family therapy. This paper will present...

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Eating Disorders: Anorexia

control and/or fears relating to one's body. Therefore, women struggling with Anorexia Nervosa need effective treatment, and after four decades of research, there is an increasing number of treatment options ranging from counseling, to nutritional therapy, to medication. Yet, some researchers and victims still advocate that there is a need for further research in this area (Kaplan, 2002; Hendricks, 2003). In order to formally diagnose an individual with Anorexia nervosa, clinicians turn to the fourth...

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Adolescent Drug Abuse

article that was taken from The Journal of Marital and family Therapy. The article was written by H. Joanning and others in 1992. The article, entitled "Treating adolescent drug abuse: A comparison of family systems therapy, group therapy, and family drug education," describes the differential effectiveness of three models of adolescent drug abuse treatment. It compares the Family Systems Therapy, the Adolescent Group Therapy, and the Family Drug Education models. III.) Methodology: I started...

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Unit 5 Assignment 2 Ccld

Abuse tells us how families function. It also tells us that when a family breakdown occurs it should be recognised as a family dysfunction. “A dysfunctional family is a family, in which conflict, misbehaviour, and often abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur continually and regularly, leading other members to accommodate such actions.” (www.en.wikipedia.org, 01.03.2011). Taking this quote into consideration it tells us that all of the problems within the one family are taken out on...

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Structural Family Therapy 191846

Institution Structural Family Therapy Name Instructor’s Name Course Number 31, May 2014 Abstract This research paper discusses Structural Family Therapy in relation to its development, tenets, application, and comparison to other methods. It was established that Minuchin was at the forefront of developing the approach due to the realization that human problems cannot be solved individualistically. Instead, they should be solved in the context of family structure since it affects behavior...

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Codes of Ethics Comparative Chart

Services (NOHS) Human service professionals respect the integrity and welfare of the client at all times. Each client is treated with respect, acceptance and dignity. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Marriage and family therapists advance the welfare of families and individuals. They respect the rights of those persons seeking their assistance, and make reasonable efforts to ensure that their services are used appropriately. National Association of Social Workers (NASW) ...

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Emotionally Focused Couples Pape Finial

cause problems. This is where couples therapy comes into play, it gives the couple a way to express their concerns about what is going on in their lives. This paper will focus on a video that is providing couples with therapy, and helping them to come to some kind of conclusion of what the clients need to do to become closer. Emotionally Focused Couples Emotionally focused therapy is known as (EFT), it is a forum of therapy that is a structured psychotherapy that...

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Integrating the use of Mobile devices such as Tablets and Cell Phones at Vision Quest Corporation

sources, for the company’s Functional Family Therapy Team (FFT), by integrating the use of mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones for their mobile therapist. Company Background Vision Quest is an employee-owned comprehensive national youth services organization that adheres to the highest professional standards in providing innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. Vision Quest programs help troubled teens and their families to successfully find their way from confusion...

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Domestic Violence Treatment Plan

Domestic Violence Treatment Plan CUL CULTURAL/SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF HEALTH The patient/family will understand the impact and influences those cultural and spiritual traditions, practices, and beliefs have on health and wellness. 1. Discuss the potential role of cultural/spiritual traditions, practices and beliefs in achieving and maintaining health and wellness. Refer to clergy services, traditional healers, or other culturally appropriate resources. 2. Explain that traditional medicines/treatments...

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Family Therapy Midterm

Negley, PhD P256C Advanced Family Therapy Spring, 2012 MID-TERM EXAM #2 Please answer the following questions in a few phrases, sentences or a short paragraph. If you need more room for any question, put it on the back of page l or 2 of the exam. 1. What is the purpose of "hypothesizing" according to Milan systemic therapy? This technique utilized by systemic therapists assists them to develop a formulation as to how and why...

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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy : Family Violence Research Paper

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy : Family Violence Research Paper Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) is referred to as several names, such as, fabrication illness and hospital addiction syndrome. The Maternal Child Nursing Care text book defines this syndrome as, “a rare but serious form of child abuse in which the caretaker deliberately exaggerates or fabricates histories and symptoms or induce symptoms. It is a form of child maltreatment that may include physical, emotional, and psychologic abuse...

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Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood

research include conflict within the family and economical issues. Research studies (cite which ones)on how family conflicts relate to early childhood behavioral problem are consistent in their findings. It is apparent through research that family conflicts do have an affect on the behavior of young children. One study, which included children who had been in families where child abuse or neglect had been present, was conducted to determine whether family violence is related to early childhood...

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Narrative and Systemic Approaches with Refugee Populations

because of the extremely vulnerable position refugees are in and the things they are exposed to that contributed to their resettlement. According to Walter & Ahearn (2012) “refugees are likely to have exposure to political violence, separation from family in countries of origin, and experiences of trauma both before and during the process of immigration to the United States,” making the need for services the rule and not the exception (p. 362). Although the trends of refugees entering the country...

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Towards a Better Society

important to Rogers, as well as why he went into the field of psychology. All of which are pertinent to understanding his therapy, to understanding him. Carl Rogers proceeds to flow into the discoveries he has made in his over thirty years of practice. What stands out is his highly positive regard of people that “[people] have a basically positive direction” (p. 26). Hence, “in therapy the individual has actually become a human organism, he is realistically able to control himself, and he is incorrigibly...

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Anorexia Nervosa Is a Psychological Disorder

exercise. Causes There is no single cause of anorexia there are several causes of anorexia and it depends which category that person falls under or can relate to. Just to list a few they are cultural pressures, psychological issues, family environment, genetic factors, life transitions, and perpetuating factors. The two most important ones a girl really deals with are cultural pressures and psychological issues. Cultural pressure comes from societies, TV, videos, etc… a girl look up...

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Cause and Treatment of Mental Illness

better by just simply “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps” as the saying goes. I have family members who have suffered with these illnesses and I know without a shadow of a doubt that mental illnesses are real and can be very serious. For several years I watched my aunt suffer with manic depression also known as bipolar. I have seen the devastation that this illness has caused on her and her family. Watching this mental illness manifest itself can be frightening at times. My aunt is one...

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Critically Compare the Epistemologies Governing the First and Second Order Cybernetics.

hand, does allow for the diagnoses of pathology as reality is seen as an objective truth of which individuals only have different perceptions. 3. How does each specific approach deal with therapy? Hoffman 1990 (as cited in Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2004) explains that the first-order view of family therapy assumes that the therapist can influence his/her clients by using this or that technique. Whilst in second-order cybernetics the therapist forms part of the system and hence also part of the...

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Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Terms

specializations of the counseling field. Two specializations, mental health counseling and addictions counseling are reviewed and are brought together to help a hypothetical 12 year old girl “Ashley” in her own education and problem-solving while in therapy. Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams The counseling profession and all of its specializations and the related fields that came before, all emerged due to the inabilities for some individuals cope with life stresses. ...

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Family Systems Therapy

Running Head: Family Systems Therapy Adlerian Family Therapy Chandra S. McCray Mississippi College Background Information Family systems therapy is based on the concept that individuals are best understood through evaluating the entire family. Symptoms in individuals are seen as a result in dysfunctions in their family system. The family is an interactional unit and a change in one member affects all members. Family therapists believe that an individual’s relations with family have more impact...

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Annotated Bibliography: Domestic Violence and Its Effects on Children

its effects on Children Groves, B.M. (1999). Mental Health Services for Children Who Witness Domestic Violence. The Future of Children, 9(3), 122-132. This article provides a good introduction for practitioners working with children who witness family violence. The article summarizes the effects domestic violence can have on children such as; aggressiveness, depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and sleep deprivation. The author stresses the importance of proper identification and assessment...

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Ethical Vigette

evidence in court, by state and federal law. However, there are exceptions by state and federal law that requires clinical documentation as evidence when failure to report child or elder abuse. Pennsylvania’s State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counselors rules and regulations, the ACA Code of Ethics, and a psychotherapy film presentation contribute to the importance of confidentiality, privileged communication and client’s right to privacy. ...

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Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams week 6

which includes wellness, resilience, and prevention (Illovsky, 2013). These three philosophies provide basic ideas and necessary strategies required in making necessary interventions in counseling process. The basic characteristic of a marriage and family therapist are comparable to those of addiction counselor in diagnosis process but differs in some way when providing treatment to the clients. Counselors make use of wellness model in order to approach client’s issues appropriately and realize solution...

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Psychological Disorders and Treatment

matter who you are, you can be diagnosis with schizophrenia. Many people all over the world are affected by bipolar disorders. There are two phases of bipolar manic and depressive. There are many new types of treatments used, such as drug therapy and psychological therapy. Schizophrenia is a serious brain illness that causes changes in how you think, feel, and behave. While treating Sophia Smith since she was 12 years old for schizophrenia. Sophia has presented symptoms such as misbehaving in school...

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Culture and Ethics

self-acceptance, accepting themselves completely whether they behave competently or correctly, and whether or not people love or accept them . Using REBT Elizabeth can be taught to ignore her irrational feelings about her socioeconomic status, race, and family life. The United States bases it’s mental health practices largely on Western European values which ignore the existence and effects of institutional racism (Gamst, Dana, Der-Karabetian, & Kramer, 2004). This raises the need for counselors to...

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History Of The Counseling Profession

framework that allows the program that a counselor is using to stay within a collaborative initiatives setup. This helps the development of the unit that he or she is working on with the client to help establish an assessment plan such as interpersonal therapy. In addition, the resilience is going to help the inside-outside process and to help this come together they have to focus on the natural, internal part of the innate capacity of the clients healthy functioning. According to Myers & Sweeny a way of...

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generate this illness around the teenage years. Early causes of Schizophrenia result in genetic or environmental determinants. Although Schizophrenia is an intriguing type of mental illness to investigate with difficult symptoms, there are many group therapies and pharmaceuticals to help relieve it. To understand Schizophrenia, it is important to know its description, its effects, and treatments for this illness. There are many theories that pertain to the causes of schizophrenia, but one would prefer...

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Professional Counseling

Counseling CNLS/502 August 27, 201 Professional Counseling Counseling can be refer as a voluntary and confidential process that takes place within the context of a professional, which includes individuals, groups, or members of a family. The goal of a counselor is to listen to their patients to gain a more concrete understanding of their clients concerns. Once understanding is gained the counselor works with the client to help effectively identify the concerns the client has....

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Schizophrenia and its Nursing Interventions

help-seeking behaviour’ as a result of limited choices in life (Harrison & Gill, 2010). Mental health nurses play an important role when caring for a patient with schizophrenia. Whilst conducting numerous assessments which include counselling, physical therapy and monitoring medications, they also try to improve the quality of life (QoL) of mental health patients. Nursing interventions majorly exist for the purpose of improving of quality of life in patients, increasing patient independence and allowing...

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Biopsychosocial Case Study

rebelling against her family. As for Karen Carpenter, Karen Carpenter was one of the first women to bring anorexia nervosa to light in the early 1960s. Karen Carpenter like Christina Ricci grew up in a home that was controlling and this drove Karen Carpenter into having an eating disorder and the cause of her death at an early age. The Biological, Psychological, and Social Factors Involved Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia nervosa partially because of her family. Karen Carpenter’s mother...

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How the therapist can help autism children

Understanding Autism: How Family Therapists Can Support Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Alexandra H. Solomon & Beth Chung The article, “Understanding Autism: How Family Therapists Can Support Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders”, contains the researches about the Autism, and the solutions to improve the life of children with Autism between family therapists and their parents. “The number of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has...

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Philosophy of Supervision

different backgrounds and have different personality traits. All of this must be taken into consideration and adjustments must be made in supervision. Client centered supervision holds to the same philosophy as client centered therapy. Carl Rogers, the founder of client centered therapy, believed that the same basic principles were effective and necessary in supervision. (Bernard, J. M., & Goodyear, R. K., 2009) The principles of unconditional positive regard, active listening and empathy are essential...

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Discuss the Usefulness of Pastoral Counselling as an Option for Enabling Growth and Development Within the Caribbean/Jamaican Context.

also make therapeutic use of traditional religious resources such as prayer, Scripture reading, and participation in the worship and community life of a congregation. They pay special attention to the religious history of the client and his or her family, noting how it may contribute to the suffering or resources needed for coping. One psychiatrist has called pastoral counseling "clinical theology" - the search for a revelation of love, forgiveness, and good news to people who have been in bondage...

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What Makes Marriage Last - Older Adults in Long-Term Marriages

and goals, physical intimacy, and reliance upon each other (Connidis, 2010, p. 53). While marriages and the success or downfalls thereof are not always able to be defined in black and white, in reference to clinical research findings, research and family theories provide a valuable window into the building blocks of strong marriages. It is in this respect we examine some of the main points of successful long-term marriages. Communication, Support, and Commitment Systems theory explains...

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Systems Open and Closed

your beliefs, are the ingredients that make up your family system.”(Virginia Satir, 301) quips the author near the end of her essay titled, “Systems, Open or Closed”. A system as described by the author is present all through human life and is developed by three or more persons who are in contact and share a common purpose; a system has a goal (growth), has parts (people), and an order to the parts (dynamics of people and interactions in the family). Satir’s essay is aimed at describing the continuum...

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Human Service Scenario Analysis

willing to work with her any more. Winter weather is fast approaching with snow and ice in the forecast by the weekend; the family has all been sleeping and living in two rooms to conserve energy. This puts more strain on them because two of the children will not even talk to the client. The 16 year-old is bipolar, and is making life for everyone unbearable. Mrs. Brown has family close by; however they do not communicate. The children see their grandmother at church and have told her about the gas...

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Anorexia in Africa

society and families could possibly be underlying causes for anorexia. For many individuals with anorexia, the destructive cycle begins with the pressure to be thin and attractive. A poor self-image compounds the problem. Other researchers feel that this disorder can stem from a particular dysfunction often seen in families of anorexia patients. In one particular type of dysfunction, family members become so interdependent that each cannot achieve their identity as an individual. Thus, family members...

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Abnormal Psych Research Paper

mentally ill individuals overcome their psychological illnesses. Two examples of institutional care are milieu therapy and token economy. Comer (2011) wrote: “[the] principle behind milieu therapy is that institutions can help individuals by creating a social climate, or milieu, that builds productive activity, self-respect, and a sense of responsibility” (p. 375). In milieu therapy, a mentally ill individual is able to gain enough self-respect and sense of responsibility that he or she is able...

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Recommendations Family Therapy In order to minimize the number of people entering the legal system, it would benefit society to incorporate early family therapy for children at risk. Because this type of therapy deals with the entire family system, it can address issues that can otherwise go unchecked. For example, Cartier’s anger toward his dysfunctional family structure probably prompted his violent behavior (animal abuse leading to girlfriend abuse leading to murder). Family therapy in his developmental...

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Theory of Change

way to look at maladaptive behaviors as supported by family systems interactions (van Ecke, Chope, & Emmelkamp, 2006). Even if the client is committed to change, and they go through the change process, it may be difficult for them to maintain the change when they go back to their natural environment. In this example, the drug addiction is part of that person’s “system” in that the relationship is supporting the behavior. Multisystemic therapy is another approach that attempts to incorporate these...

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