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Topics: High school, Wireless networking, High school diploma Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: February 26, 2013
To:Don Big
From:R Brann
Date:November 4, 2012
Subject:Disabling the SSID Manual

This memo’s purpose is to inform you on my instruction manual on how to disable the Service Set Identifier (SSID) on a Fios Router. All field technicians and network technicians should be able to walk a customer through disabling the SSID on their router. This manual will provide the customer with step by step instructions on disabling the SSID without the help of a field or network technician. By having the customer complete this we are helping the customer increase the security of their wireless network. This will save the technician time and the company money.

The primary audience of my instruction manual is Fios internet customers. They for the most part have a high school diploma with some having a bachelor’s degree. Fios customers have various jobs from construction worker, school teacher, small business owner, and college student. The average customer does not know much about the SSID or why disabling it is important. They just want to be able to connect to the internet with the least amount of steps. It is important that we get the customer to understand that if they disable the SSID it makes harder for would be attackers to access their network. Most attackers would just move on to an easier network to break into. I would say that about ten percent of the customers would read this instruction manual. People might say that is not a lot but if those ten percent complete this task then they will harden their network and lessen the chances of their network being attacked.

Secondary audience for the manual is field and network technicians. Most field and network technicians have a high school diploma and a very few have associates and bachelor degrees. All technicians know what the SSID is but don’t know why they should disable it after the wireless network is setup. On average most of the field technicians have a telephone back ground and not a...
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