Unit 6 assignment

Topics: Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN, Wireless access point Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: February 25, 2015
NT1210 Introduction to Networking
Assignment 6
Ernani Narag
Instructor: Oyvind “OJ” Boulter

Define the key terms
Coverage area - The space in which the wireless radio signals in one wireless LAN can effectively reach and be used to send and receive data between the WLAN’s and its clients Shared bandwidth- A term referring to how some networks must share the right to send data by taking turns, which limits the total number of bits sent by all devices. Wi-Fi- A term created my the Wi-Fi Alliance as part of its overall wireless LAN branding and marketing strategy. LAN edge- A reference to the part of the campus LAN with the end-user devices and the switches to which they connect through and Ethernet switch or a wireless LAN access point that contains the largest numbers of physical links WLAN hotspot- A location typically in a business like a retailer or restaurant where customers can come and go and where the company offers a wireless LAN plus Internet access to its customers. Basic Service Set – In Wireless LAN’s a single wireless access point and the client devices that send data to/from that access point Unlicensed frequency band- A set of consecutive frequencies reserved by national regulators Nonoverlapping channels- In wireless LANs channels used for sending data which the frequencies do not overlap which allows multiple devices to send data at the same time in the same space Management and control frames – Takes a new wireless client from the time is arrives at a new site until it can use the WLAN. Perform functions important to the wireless LAN. The 802.11 standard defines many different frames to do different kinds of work Service Set ID (SSID)- Is a sequence of characters that uniquely names a wireless local are network. An SSID is sometimes referred to as a “network name” This name allows stations to connect to the desired network when multiple independent networks operate in the same physical area

WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network...
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