Alternative Advertising and Articles

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Alternative advertising options
* In recent years researchers have noticed reduced effectiveness for television due to increased commercial clutter. * Furthermore TV advertising costs have risen faster than any other media costs and many marketers are looking for alternatives

Place Advertising:
* Or out of home advertising is a broad category including many creative and unexpected forms to grab consumers attention * Rationale = marketers better off reaching people where they work, play and shop * Examples:

* Billboards – have been transformed and now use colorful, digitally produced graphics, backlighting, sounds, movement and even 3-dimensional images * Superga – Hugely designed 3-D shoes on buildings * Public Spaces – advertisers place ad’s in movies, lounges, airplanes and buy space at stadiums and arena’s and even on garbage cans Product Placement:

* Marketers pay huge fee’s so that their products will make cameo appearances in movies and television shows next to celebrities or even sported by them * Marketers are finding innovative ways to advertise real-time television broad casts * Advertorials are print ads that offer content reflecting favourably on the brand and are difficult to distinguish ffrom newspaper or magazine content Point of Purchase

* In store advertising includes ads on shopping carts, aisles and instand coupon machines, some super markets are even experimenting with “talking shelves” and floor placements * POP radio provides FM style programming and commercial messages to thousands of stores * The appeal lies in the fact that in many product categories many consumers make the bulk of their final brand decisions in the store Evaluating Alternative Media

* Ads can now appear anywhere consumers have a few spare minutes or even seconds to notice them * Main advantage = non-traditional media can often reach a very precise and captive audience audience in cost-effective ways * The challenge with non-traditional media = demonstrating its reach and effectiveness through credible independent research * Unique ad placements designed to break through clutter may also seem obtrusive and invasive – Urinal Ad’s * Consumers must be favourably affected in some way to justify the marketing expenditures for traditional media Carla Enslin Article Summaries – 2 articles

The Company, the Brand and the Contact Council

* Purpose of brand contact management = Achieve an integrated brand identity, a state in which all points of contact between a brand and its target audience communicate what the brand stands for * Contact Points = ensures the brand acts meaningfully and is consistent in delivery of its promise and that it grows into an attractive, credible and trustworthy brand * The value and intent of Contact Management (CM) = is understood in branding community, but remains an organizational challenge to implement fully * Effective Brand Contact – has 4 layers of planning and management

* Brand Contact Inventory = to expose as many points of contact that a brand can have with its target audience * Brands contact points are all inclusive as every point communicates something that influences what people feel, think, believe the brand to be

* Brand Contact Audit = an audit of all identified contacts point is taken to reveal and prioritize fields and layers of influence * By applying strategic concepts such as: frequency of contact, impact of contact, first and last moments of contact and points of competitive differentiation, the points can be prioritized and play key role in building the brand.

* Contact Management Vehicle = requires that a BCPM (Brand Contact and Planning Management) vehicle is created to direct and support the contact fields in the delivery of it’s promise

* Implementation and Contact Intergration = an organization wide brand building philosophy is created...
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