Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Propaganda Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: June 26, 2013
olution is to boycott this kind of advertising and legislate rules and guidelines for the advertisers. Although it is true that these types of advertisements are deceptive and disappointing, I disagree with Jozui’s solution because advertising is just another average appeal. Maybe her solution is not the best oIn the prompt, Sue Jozui claims that advertisers use celebrities’ testimonials over their products to gain the approval of the consumers. She identifies this as a problem because it is a misleading type of marketing that insults the intelligence of the audience. She argues that we should not fall for their tricks because the celebrities are getting paid to promote their products; however, this does not mean they actually approve of them or even use them. Her sne out there. I believe that making legislate rules is going a bit too far.

Everyday ads are shown through newspapers and media. We can see them everywhere, from park benches to sides of buses. However, no one really pays attention to any of them. They are skipped, ignored, and turned over to the next page over by many every single day. The most commonly used saying about ads that one could hear is that they are simply “annoying”. Whether there is a celebrity in them or not, people just want to continue with what they are reading, trying to watch, or listen to.

Advertisements were created long ago to help businesses grow and their products to become noticed. It was used throughout posters, newspapers, radio broadcasts, and finally television. Advertising was and still is a great strategy to get America and other countries to be industrialized; which still works today. Celebrities can attract the attention of some people and interest them to consume in their products. Testimonials, along with many other types of marketing, are just an everyday technique in propaganda that many corporations and businesses use; they are not degrading the reasoning of anyone, but are simply influencing...
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