The Canterbury Tales


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1. Who wrote The Canterbury Tales?

a. Geoffrey Chaucer

b. Ovid

c. William Shakespeare

d. Petrarch

2. Whose shrine are the pilgrims visiting in Canterbury?

a. Pope Urban

b. The Virgin Mary

c. Thomas Becket

d. Saint Paul

3. How many pilgrims in total go on the pilgrimage (not including Chaucer and the Host)?

a. 21

b. 25

c. 27

d. 30

4. Who wins the tournament in The Knight’s Tale?

a. Theseus

b. Arcite

c. Palamon

d. Emelye

5. Who marries Emelye in The Knight’s Tale?

a. Theseus

b. Arcite

c. Palamon

d. b and c

6. What are the youth looking for in The Pardoner’s Tale?

a. Money

b. Fame

c. Women

d. Death

7. What does the Pardoner do at the conclusion of his tale?

a. Admit he is a fraud

b. Try to get the pilgrims to pay to see his relics

c. Insult the Host

d. b and c

8. Who is Alisoun’s lover in The Miller’s Tale?

a. Absolon

b. Nicholas

c. John

d. Palamon

9. What does Nicholas say to John to get time alone with Alisoun?

a. That a great flood is coming

b. That burglars are coming

c. That death is coming

d. That the Apocalypse is coming

10. Which pilgrim’s tale is interrupted by another pilgrim’s flattery?

a. The Wife of Bath

b. The Pardoner

c. The Squire

d. The Knight

11. What bodily function plays a role in several of the tales?

a. Urination

b. Farting

c. Defecation


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