The Canterbury Tales


The Squire's Tale

When the Merchant finishes his tale, one of the pilgrims, presumably the Host, asks the Squire to tell a story of love. The Squire agrees to tell a tale, but apologizes in case he says anything offensive. The Squire’s story features a king named Cambyuskan who has two sons and a daughter named Canacee. On the 20th anniversary of his reign, Cambyuskan hosts a huge celebration. A strange knight appears and says that he has brought gifts from his lord, the King of Araby. One of the gifts is a magical ring that gives the wearer the power to speak to any living thing. Cambyuskan gives the ring to Canacee. The next morning, Canacee hears a falcon crying and understands that the falcon, a female, is mourning because she was abandoned by her mate. Her heartbreak has caused her to wander the earth, which has weakened her. She falls from the tree, and Canacee catches her. Canacee nurses the falcon back to earth. At this point, the Franklin interrupts the Squire, so the tale is left unfinished.

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