The Canterbury Tales


The Parson's Tale

The Host has made it clear that he expects all of the pilgrims to tell a story, but when he turns to the Parson, the Parson makes it clear that he will be giving them a sermon, not a fiction story. He gives a sermon about the renunciation of the earth in favor of Heaven. He talks about the many paths to Heaven, which include penitence, contrition, confession, and satisfaction. He explains the different ways one can engage in satisfaction, such as giving alms, fasting, or experiencing pain. He also discusses the seven deadly sins and admonishes the pilgrims to avoid them. Although it does not contain an actual story, the Parson’s tale is one of the longest tales in the entire collection. It gives a good overview of Middle Age theology. The underlying principle was that life on earth was simply something to be survived in exchange for life in Heaven.

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