The Canterbury Tales


Cast of Characters

The Narrator – The Narrator, Chaucer, is also a character in the book. However, the Chaucer in the book may not represent the actual Chaucer, especially in light of the retraction found at the end of the book. The Narrator introduces himself as sociable, but the Host considers him to be withdrawn. This makes the reader aware that the Narrator’s perceptions may not match the perceptions of the other Pilgrims, and the Narrator has chosen how to present the characters.

The Host – The host is leading the group on the trip to Canterbury. The Host is generally an affable man with a good sense of humor, but he is also short-tempered and can be cutting with the other members of the group. He is the one who suggests that the pilgrims take turns telling stories on their trip, and he attempts to set the order in which they will tell their tales.

The Knight – The Knight tells the first tale in The Canterbury Tales. He is an idealized version of a knight during that time period, having participated in at least 15 crusades. The Narrator admires the knight, whom he considers both brave and wise.

The Squire – The Squire is the Knight’s squire, which was an apprentice to a knight. He is also the Knight’s son. The Squire is a handsome young man with curly hair. The Squire likes to dance and enjoys pursuing women.

The Yeoman – The Yeoman was the servant for the Knight and the Squire. His appearance suggests he may be a forester.

The Wife of Bath – The Wife of Bath is a married woman who comes from the town of Bath, which is located on the Avon River in England. She has been married five times. She has also had a number of affairs. She takes great pleasure in men, and she believes that husbands should obey their wives. She is deaf in one ear because one of her husbands struck her in the ear. She is well-traveled.

The Pardoner – The Pardoner went around...

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