"What Do You Feel Is The Connection Between Academic And Professional Writing How Does Increasing Your Ability To Write Academically Influence Your Professional And Personal Communication" Essays and Research Papers

What Do You Feel Is The Connection Between Academic And Professional Writing How Does Increasing Your Ability To Write Academically Influence Your Professional And Personal Communication

HCS/350 Personal & Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Communication, according to the Free Dictionary, is “the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing or behaviors”. It is vital in the development and maintenance of personal and professional relationships. It is important to understand communication also includes non-verbal as well as verbal acts. According to Rane (2010), 93% of communication is nonverbal and body language is an effective nonverbal...

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The Top Ten Academic & Professional Integrity Elements

Top Ten Academic & Professional Integrity Elements As a student at American InterContinental University we all have a certain code we must follow. Being a professional student, my duty is to abide by the rules of honesty set by the college to be professional at all I do. The code of honesty set by the college states, “that I pledge that all test taken and work submitted by me will be my original own ideas and of my own efforts.” (Student Handbook, 2011) Showing honesty in any professional environment...

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Effects of Digital Technology on Academic Writing

Effects of Digital Technology on Academic Writing Digital technology has affected every industry in the world from farming to corporate business and everywhere in between. More recently, there has been much debate whether or not these advances in digital technology has hurt or helped in the academic environment specifically. Academic work has traditionally been centered around the individual and what he or she can produce by him or herself. With not only major development in digital technology...

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Academic Writing Overview

Academic Writing Guide UTS LIBRARY February 2013 Academic Writing Guide Overview: This guide provides explanations, examples and advice on the different aspects of academic writing, including assignment types, grammar and research writing. 2 Welcome to the UTS Academic Writing Guide 1. Why do I need this guide? The aim of this guide is to give you a place to come and find explanations, examples and advice about different aspects of academic writing. When you have a question about your...

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Fundamentals of Writing

of Writing, Part One: What to Do Before You Start Writing Writing—just reading the word might make you cringe. There are many possible reasons why students do not like to write. Writing instructors usually hear My grammar is horrible, I had a writing teacher who marked up all my papers in red, or I just cannot think of anything. Maybe you have similar reasons for not wanting to write; maybe you are excited to write, but you do not know where to start. If you break the process of writing into...

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper

 Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Jen Shanahan HCS/350 June 30, 2014 Professor David Catoe Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper The way in which we communicate impacts all areas of our lives. It impacts our relationships with our family members, loved ones, doctors or peers every day. To communication in an online team meeting, or having a discussion to your instructors, communication is how we collect and process information and express...

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Personal Essay Writing Help

Personal Essay Writing Help Writingpersonal essay can be a really daunting task. Indeed, this essay type differs from other creative texts and essays. Anyone who reads an essay should see a real person behind the lines and words. It is not easy to express your own thoughts and describe life or even experiences with words as there are things that seem to need no description (like personal feelings). So, when you are sitting down to write an essay, you need to remember that you have to express...

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2.13 Communication and Professional Relationships

T.D.A 2.3 COMMUNICATION & PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE & ADULTS. [1.1] In order to build relationships with children and young people, you will need to adapt your behaviour and communication accordingly. As well as demonstrating effective communication skills, you will need to show that you are approachable and able to work in an environment of mutual support. Children of all ages, cultures and abilities need to feel secure and valued, and your interactions with them...

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How to Do a Research Work

or Log In via Follow us on Pinterest HomeArticlesCommunityMy Profile Edit • Home • » Categories • » Education and Communications • » Research and Review How to Write a Research Paper Edited by Jackie Sinclair, Jack Herrick, Jamie Littlefield, Imperatrix and 50 others Pin It Article EditDiscuss A research paper is an important part of academics. Most students will be assigned at least one research paper in high school and many research papers in college, regardless of their...

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Sop How to Write

How to Write  How to Write a Statement of Purpose a Statement of Purpose for the KAUST Discovery Scholarship for the  Prof. Reima Al-Jarf College of Languages & Translation KAUST Scholarship Candidates’ Workshop.  King Saud University. Malaz Campus. May 11, 2008 Aims of Workshop p At the end of the workshop, attendees will be to: identify what KAUST is looking for in the  statement of purpose.  p p make an outline of topics and subtopic to be  included in the statement of purpose included...

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Professional Image

Positive Professional Image |Q&A with: |Laura Morgan Roberts | |Published: |June 20, 2005 | |Author: |Mallory Stark | In today’s diverse workplace, your actions and motives are constantly under scrutiny. It is crucial to manage your own professional image before others do it for you. An interview with Professor Laura Morgan Roberts:- As HBS professor Laura Morgan Roberts sees it, if you aren't managing your own professional...

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How to Email Your Professor

How to E-mail Your Professor On the first day of class, many professors will tell you their preferred method of communication outside of class is e-mail. The ability to communicate your ideas and questions effectively through email is a valuable skill to develop. Use the following tips to help you develop quality e-mails. Address yourself well. Write from an academic account (.edu) or develop a professional e-mail address on a free site. You are in college now, so drop the crazy e-mail names...

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Continuing My Academic Success

 Continuing My Academic Success Continuing My Academic Success As a college student I want to succeed in continuing my education by setting goals, knowing my learning style, knowing my academic resources, knowing the writing process, critically thinking, and knowing academic integrity is important. What are my academic Goals and Learning Style? According to Pearce (2008) “SETTING GOALS can help you to define your priorities and so become organised, and almost all motivational...

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Business Communications

IMPORTANCE OF WRITING SKILLS IN BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS: HOW AND WHY TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEES' WRITING Abstract This essay describes how poorly written communication can lead to misunderstanding and a possible loss of business. Through this paper the author wants to persuade the employer to sponsor a workshop for all employees to improve their writing skills, to increase business communications and to avoid arguments through poor communication. This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of writing skills...

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Management Communication

Management Communication AC 1.1 - Explain the relevance of the communication cycle for effective communication in management The success of any business depends on efficient and effective communication. It takes place among business entities, within organisation and between group of staff, owners and employees, service providers and customers and also between people within the organisation. Effective communication within the organisation is important to perform their role effectively and appropriately...

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Academic Success

Continuing Academic Success Kimberly Holbrook GEN 200 November 17, 2014 Nichol Garrison Continuing Academic Success Academic Success may not continue after you earn your degree, but what skills you learn will lead you to success in your career and at home. By utilizing your writing skills, your personal learning style, resources, and setting goals, you will succeed at any task you take on. Goal Setting for Academic Success Setting goals for yourself during your academic...

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Ways to write an essay

Identify the needs of your readership. What do your readers need to know? How does your own knowledge matchup against the information they need? This will be the easiest way for you to find a topic to write about. You can also extensively research information that you don’t know, so don’t be deterred by that. 3 Be unique. If you are writing an article about something that other people are also writing about, try to be unique in how you approach the material. You should add to the conversation,...

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Creative Writing Aptitude

who uses writing on a regular basis. You have to be a writer before you can be a good writer. It's about being good or at least good enough. But students don't see themselves as writers at all because they have been structurally defined as deficient. This means that a student is someone who does not write up to a certain standard of performance with academic discourse. A writer does not simply write at someone else's command but on their own initiative. So as a writer and a student you need an...

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A Guide to Writing a Reflective Report

Guide to Writing a Reflective Report What does it mean ‘to reflect’? Officially, it means to explore experiences in order to lead to new understandings and improved practice. At its simplest it means: • To think deeply about an experience. To go beyond the simple question, ‘What’s going on here?’ to ask ‘What’s really going on here?’ • To ask yourself what this experience means to you and your practice • To churn ideas, thoughts and experiences around in your head and make connections between...

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The Six Steps of Writing an Academic Essay

There are six steps to writing an academic essay. If you follow each of these steps correctly, you will find that you can write university essays that will earn you a distinction (or high distinction) every time. It is simply a matter of understanding what steps to follow, and then completing each of them thoroughly. This article provides an outline and brief description of each of these steps. It is an introduction to a series of articles that will examine each step in more depth. Reading just...

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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility Steve Holdren GEN/200 Version 3 may-6-2013 Charlene Beil Personal Responsibility Personal Responsibility Introduction Well????? What’s holding you back? Not enough time, can’t get it together? You want to be educated AND successful but you just don’t know how? People who are educated successfully do not all possess great skills even if they are successful, however, the results attained by being personally responsible will make a person academically successful...

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self management for personal development

SELF MANAGEMENT & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BY AHBAB EMAIL: ahbabrahman92@gmail.com The ability to manage oneself is Self Management. It is very important for the development of an individual. Self management skill is very essential for person in order to attain success in both personal life as well as professional life. Self-management helps an individual to become more responsible in life and helps one to realize his full potential. Although self management is widely discussed in the business...

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Communication Opinion Paper

Communication Opinion Paper Christine Kendall HCS/320 November 18, 2012 Tralicia Brown Communication Opinion Paper Introduction Effective communication in health care is crucial for health care professionals, the patients and the establishment providing the care. It can mean the difference between life and death. When there is not enough communication within the health care industry, medical care will not be given effectively due to mistakes that will be made when things are not clear...

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Personal Statement

c a l i f o r n i a Berkeley Why is the personal statement so important? As a vital part of your application, the personal statement—consisting of responses to two prompts—is reviewed by both the Admissions and the Scholarship Offices. At Berkeley we use the Personal Statement to: • discover and evaluate distinctions among applicants whose academic records are often very similar; • gain insight into your level of academic, personal and extracurricular achievement; • provide us with information...

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Self-Understanding Is Fundamental to Communication

Fundamental to Communication LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Describe the factors that contribute to self-concept. 2. Describe how the self-fulfilling prophecy works. In the first of the Introductory Exercises for this chapter, you listed terms to describe yourself. This exercise focuses on your knowledge, skills, experience, interests, and relationships. Your sense of self comes through in your oral and written presentations. Public communication starts with intrapersonal communication, or communication with yourself...

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Emotions and Interpersonal Communications

patients it is very important to be aware of your actions. Clients are very attentive to the professional’s demeanor. Because most clients are apprehensive upon arrival they will not divulge of the information needed to successfully treat them. It is usually once a rapport has been established that the client will open up. However the professional must ensure that the client is comfortable enough to do so. In the Human Service Profession understanding your client’s feelings and emotions is critical...

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gerald graff pop culture in academics

Gonzalez Gonzalez 1 Smith Eng. - 50 September 28, 2013 Pop Culture in Academics In Gerald Graff’s “Hidden Intellectualism,” Graff argues that schools should encourage students to think critically, read, and write about areas of personal interest such as cars, fashion, or music but as long as they do so in an intellectually way. I happen to agree with Graff and his perspective for many different reasons. I personally believe that...

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Communication and Care Professionals

Unit 501 – Use and develop systems that promote communication Learning Outcome 1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role. 1.2. Explain how to support effective communication within own job role. There are a number of reasons for communicating as a manager and leader such as delegation of work, supervision, building a team, interviewing, etc. As well as the need to communicate in many different levels of communicators such as clients, family members, staff, senior...

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Boundaries Between a Teacher and a Professional Role

Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. Professionalism requires us to maintain appropriate standards and fulfil our responsibilities to learners, institutions and colleagues. This is achieved by setting professional and personal boundaries which will enable us to be clear about what our limits are and what our professional role involves. A role boundary is a clear definition of the duties, rights and limitations of a teacher/professional. Boundaries are all...

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Communication Barries in Communication

Organizational Barriers to Communication Communication isn't always easy, but it critical to an organization's success. The success or failure of an organization often depends on its ability to communicate with its members, according to The Communications Department at California State University. New technologies, mixed with culturally diverse audiences, have increased the importance of organizational communications, but have also made the field more complex. Understanding some of the common barriers...

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Methods to Improve Personal and Professional Skills

development international resource rdi Level 7 Diploma in Management Studies Advanced Professional Development © Resource Development International Consultants Ltd (RDI) All rights reserved. Except as permitted under current legislation, no part of this workbook may be photocopied, stored in a retrieval system, published, adapted, transmitted, recorded or reproduced in any form or by any means, without the prior consent of one of the copyright owners. Initial enquiries should be addressed...

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Tell All About You

The Personal Essay: Tell About Yourself The audience for your "personal essay" is an admissions committee composed of members of your future profession or academic discipline. When they read your essay, they will be seeking depth and substance, along with a true passion and commitment to your area of study. They will also be looking for individual traits or characteristics that make you an outstanding graduate school candidate.  Through the personal essay, you have a unique opportunity to:  ...

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper

Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Kelle Bishop University of Phoenix Online Student Heath Care Communication HCS/350 Ann Cinco November 23, 2009 Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper How we communicate effects everything we do. Whether talking to patients and family members, speaking in a team meeting, or talking with our children’s teacher at a conference, communication is how we learn information, teach information and express our concerns. With...

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301 communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults

in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools Assignment – Unit 301 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults (also includes unit 333, 1.5) (NB: Please also refer to guidance in standards for words in bold) Why is effective communication important? Explain the principles of relationship building and the skills needed to...

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professional grooming

one’s best professional attire to work is expected. If you are serious about your career then you need to take personal grooming a little more seriously. Where I have found slack in personal grooming, I have also found a slack in self confidence. When people take their appearance and their grooming seriously, it shows up in their attitude, and reflects in the way they talk and the way they think about their goals. Don’t let your designation decide your dressing for you; let your grooming...

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How to Motivate Student in Their Academic

How College Student Motivate Their self in Academic Submitted by: Villar, Marie Angelica L. BSTM-NT 3-0 April 26, 2012 I. INTRODUCTION Motivation is the combination of desire, values, and beliefs that drives you to take action. These three motivating factors are at the root of why people act the way they do. Because they ultimately control values, beliefs, and desires, it can influence motivations. This means, if you consider something important and assign value to it, you are more...

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The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Strengthens or Weakens Verbal Communication One of the most crucial aspects of nonverbal communication is its ability to strengthen verbal communication. For example, if you tell your spouse you love him and then you follow up your oral communication with loving and endearing actions, the message of love is strengthened. On the contrary, if you tell your teenager not to smoke, yet you smoke in front of them daily, the verbal message and nonverbal...

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Cross Cultural Communication

What is Cross-Cultural Communication? The phrase cross-cultural communication describes the ability to successfully form, foster, and improve relationships with members of a culture different from one's own. It is based on knowledge of many factors, such as the other culture's values, perceptions, manners, social structure, and decision-making practices, and an understanding of how members of the group communicate--verbally, non-verbally, in person, in writing, and in various business and social...

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Being professional

Being Professional Kaplan University Professor Ware CS 204-06 7/15/2014 Being professional can mean many different things. It can mean looking professional with the way you dress or how your hair is styled. It can also mean having great interpersonal and communication skills. Another thing that can make someone seem professional is having exquisite posture. All of these things make people seem more presentable and approachable which makes them also seem professional. So, what makes a...

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The Importance of Effective Communication

Effective Communication Effective Communication is the thread that binds our society together. Effective communicators are able to use thread to shape the future. To be an effective communicator, one must know how to put words together that communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings. That is why communicating effectively in the workplace is so important. It helps us better understand a person or situation, enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where...

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Personal Statement

WRITING A PERSONAL STATEMENT Many graduate school programs, scholarship and internship applications request candidates to write a personal essay. Specific questions may be provided for you to answer, or in some cases you will have the freedom to write about the topic of your choice. The personal essay serves as a writing sample and a chance to present yourself as an individual. It should be something that only you could have written. LSG 500/LNG 300 (607) 777-2400  http://cdc.binghamton.edu...

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how to write a personal reflection

How do ‘I write a good personal reflection?’ Many students are riding intellectual waves, devoting hours of mental and emotional energy to examination preparation so, today’s post is a practical one inspired by a question from my year 12 students. How do I write a good personal reflection? First it is useful to clarify, ‘what is a personal reflection?’ As is the case with most reflective writing, a Personal Reflection is a response to a particular stimulus. Often, it is written by an individual...

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Communication in English

function of an argumentative essay is to show that your assertion (opinion, theory, hypothesis) about some phenomenon or phenomena is correct or more truthful than others'. The art of argumentation is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people might think that if one simply has an opinion, one can argue it successfully, and these folks are always surprised when others don't agree with them because their logic seems so correct. Argumentative writing is the act of forming reasons, making inductions,...

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How to Write Dazzlingly Brilliant Essays

How to Write Dazzlingly Brilliant Essays: Sharp Advice for Ambitious Students For ambitious students, essays are a chance to showcase academic flair, demonstrate original thinking and impress with advanced written English skills. The best students relish the challenge of writing essays because they’re a chance to exercise academic research skills and construct interesting arguments. Essays allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and intelligence in a creative and relatively unrestricted...

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How will networking impact you in your professional

or gathered. There different types of networking each that progresses ones life  Computer networking  Business networking  Social networking SOCIAL NETWORKING When you hear about social networking these days, people typically mean the online version. But where you work, live, play and eat your meals also influences you and your network everyday. BUSINESS NETWORKING  A business network is a type of business social network whose reason for existing is business networking activity. There are...

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408 Management Communication

Management Communication UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT Effective communication will help us to understand a person or situation and lets us resolve differences, gain respect and trust, help create an environment where problem solving and caring can show through. Communication should be simple, the way we communicate to others and the way they communicate with us can often be misunderstood, which can cause problems and frustrations in a professional relationship...

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Exploratory Writing

Abstract No matter where you look around you, you will always find some sort of written document. But how could you decipher whether it is well written or whether it needs to be worked on? There are many different aspects that you need to use when written a piece of work in order to classify it as good writing. This paper will explore the thoughts of three different professors that have all agreed that you need certain qualities when scribing a well-written piece of work. Those three elements are...

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Professional Values and Ethics Paper

Professional Values and Ethics Paper Learning Team B Gen/200 Frank Marino Define Values and Ethics “Values are reflected in decisions; the repetition of values in decisions shows the existence of a virtue (and strengthens it), and the body of virtues shapes a character which gives consistency to subsequent decisions until a conduct is defined” (Argandona, 2003). Professional values are our principles and beliefs that influence our work behavior. They guide the...

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How to Write an Attachment Report

How to write a good CV step by step How to write a good CV – step by step If you are a foreign student and you want to get an internship, a student job or work in Denmark after graduation, it is important that you learn how to write a good CV. The competition on the job market is high, and you need to stand out in order to get a job interview. The classic chronological CV When you start writing a chronological CV, you start listing your competences in a reverse chronological order. You put the...

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The Importance of Team Communication

Communication is essentially the most important skill that any human being will ever have to learn. Communication includes approaching other human beings in verbal or nonverbal contact. In the Twenty-first-century, many academic environments are changing the way students learn. Schools are not a hierarchal model of a teacher in charge of a class of students. An example of a hierarchal model of education involves a teacher handing out an assignment and students completing the assignment, with no questions...

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What is your view of Professional Nursing?

What is your view of “Professional Nursing”?       Nursing is a profession that has its depth and breadth in meeting different health care needs of the population (American Nurses Association (ANA), 2010). What is it that makes a professional nurse? Is it caring for the patient with compassion and devotion? Based on the interviews conducted among the three categories of staff, it was echoed that professional nursing takes a lot more than just attending...

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Academic Writing

N/A ENGL 1307.741 5 July 2013 Book Reviews have Feelings too Academic writing is basically writing you will start in college. Once entering an academic community with similar ways of thinking, speaking, and writing, it is important to also develop the skills to do these things in order to have a higher level of educational learning and to join others in conversational studies. Like any other types of writing, academic writing has many types of genre that follow under it. These genres can include...

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Key Elements of Writing in Academic Settings

2014 “Writing in Academic Settings” WRITING IN RESPONSE TO READING Writing a Personal Response A personal response must have reasons that back up your response by citing and explaining your ideas. Most readers believe there is a correct answer and distrust their response because they don’t feel their answer has the correct meaning. Any meaning is fine as long as it’s backed up with evidence. The Purpose of a Personal Response There are many reasons for a personal response. Your personal response...

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Writing Effective Statement of Interest

Writing an Effective Statement of Interest As part of the application process for certain positions, you may be asked to write a statement of interest. Before proceeding, please take a few minutes to review this information on how to write an effective statement. Effective statements of interest: 1. Answer the question or address the issues to which you are asked to respond. (E.g., “Of the three projects stated, identify the one which is of greatest interest to you and detail the skills that...

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Continuing Academic Success

 Continuing Academic Success Francheska Masoller GEN/201 Foundations for University Success July-28, 2014 Ann Zomerfeld Continuing Academic Success It is a big step for someone who has been out of school for so long, to have the courage to begin the journey of higher education. Personally, it took me several years of contemplating if going back to school was the right move for me. I postponed it until I realized this was the only way I could provide my family with the life I’ve...

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Personal and Professional Challenges

Personal and Professional Challenges Mojgan Soltani NURS 391 March 18, 2013 Sharon Thompson Personal and Professional Challenges Challenge is often viewed as a negative and rejecting word. In reality life would not move forward without unfavorable factors. Life is a series of pleasant and unpleasant elements and events combined together to take us to our desired destination. Obstacles help us to learn and grow in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects during our lifespan...

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication

 Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Dorcas Gray HCS/350 October 14, 2013 Tracy D. Andrews Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Communication is a skill learned and developed overtime and is used to convey various information, express emotions, and desires. In the health field, it not only important to have a continual line of communication but also one that is effective. According to Brashers and Babrow (1996) “Communication in health and illness...

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COMMUNICATION: The act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else : a message that is given to someone : a letter, telephone call, etc. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: A two way information sharing process which involves oneparty sending a message that is easily understood by thereceiving party. Effective communication by businessmanagers facilitates information sharing between companyemployees and...

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How to Become a Professional Nurse

Becoming a professional nurse, a nurse must self-regulation with knowledge to practice standards and code of ethics. One of the first stepping stone is reflecting in journal of experiential learning. “Knowledge of yourself is gained from reflecting on your experience” (Cooper, 2001, p.22). In the course Development of self as nurse I have learned how to be a professional nurse practicing the standards and code of ethics in a working environment. Also how the tools of communication is affective towards...

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Academic Skills 2400 Word Assement

 Table of Contents Introduction ………………………………………………………………….3 Self-managed Learning…………………………………………………..3 Academic Writing……………………………………………………………3 Deductive Reasoning………………………………………………………4 Inductive Reasoning………………………………………………………. Critical Thinking……………………………………………………………. Communication…………………………………………………………….. Time management…………………………………………………………. Conclusion………………………………………………………………………. References……………………………………………………………………….. Bibliography…………………………………………………………………… Introduction In this...

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