How Do You Think It Makes Your Mother Feel

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: October 15, 2013
How Do You Think It Makes Your Mother Feel
Having a comfortable conversation with family is a good way to be a harmonious family. Have you ever tried to communicate with your family? In the article, "How Do You Think It Makes Your Mother Feel", the author, James Frey is having a conversation with his family and therapist because he has a problem with drugs. The reason why they called a therapist is that James’ parents want to figure out what is happening to James and are trying to help him. Some people might say that calling a therapist is an excessive measure; however I would like to say that there is no excessive measure in the way of being happy family. When we are living as a family, we might have some problems that need someone to coordinate opinions. Therapist helps people to communicate smoothly and help them to coordinate opinions as a medium. Many people keep questioning about efficiency of therapy. Although the efficiency of therapy is relative and it depends on how people accept the therapy, it has certain effect. I have an experience of having a therapy with my parents.

I was promising child when I was young. My parents were busy to show me off to others. I was so called talented child that never miss an A in a single class. My parents did not ever doubt about me becoming eminent man. I was always forced to study all day. I wanted to play soccer or basketball with my friends but I had to take some classes in educational institutes after the school. My life was totally micromanaged by my parents. When I was 14 years old, I went to middle school and started to consider about what is my life. At that moment, I met a friend, Xiao Xu, who sat next to me in the class. He was definitely not a model student but he was so called a delinquent in my class. We talked a lot in the class and I started to hang out with him. As a duck takes to water, I met his friends through him. I wanted to hang out with friends frequently because no one bothered me when I...
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