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  • Published: September 1, 2013
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Narrative Family Counseling Approach
Research Paper
Keltic University

Narrative therapy is a social constructive philosophical approach to psychotherapy that has been developed to help clients deconstruct their negative and self-defeating life stories while rebuilding healthy and positive life stories through the use of various techniques. This paper will discuss the leading figures, some concepts and techniques, ethics, some similarities and dissimilarities of other theories compared to Narrative therapy. This paper will also address my personal integration of faith regarding the theory of Narrative therapy.

Narrative Family Counseling Approach
Research Paper
Part One:
The roots of family therapy emerged out of individual therapy in 1950 when they realized that it was necessary to look at outside influences on the individual to help understand and treat their presenting problem (Clough, p, 2). Psychotherapy then expanded to include group approaches further enriching communication and relationships. In 1960, systemic changes began to include social and political ideals from where “distinct schools of family therapy” developed in 1970 (Clough, p. 2). Going forward, changes in philosophy furthered political and societal horizons toward constructivism and social constructionism (Clough, p. 2). “Constructivism suggests that there is no single reality only different perspective of the same situation, which is influenced by a person personality, situation, and experiences “(Clough, p. 2). “Social constructionism builds upon that perspective and includes social and cultural views which shapes the individuals meaning and affects their behaviors, interactions, and emotional responses” (Clough, p. 2). These changes over time have helped to evolve the therapist role from the “expert’ to the collaborator. From here, the emphasis and role of language and communication was implemented by the Milan systemic school which suggests that the two...
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