Personal & Professional Communication

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  • Published : May 31, 2009
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Personal and Professional Communication

Personal and Professional Communication
Personal and professional communication is important in the health profession for several reasons. Many different communication techniques are implemented and have different focuses. Small groups use components such as goals, norms, cohesiveness, behaviors, and therapeutic factors. Task, process and midrange groups are individual categories. Orientation, conflict, cohesion, working and termination are phases groups go through. Group communication is often broken down into various subcategories, focusing on the different types of groups, components, strategies, and roles. Implementing the theories and principles of communication is important for adequate patient care. Effective personal and professional communication benefits the patients and other health professionals; whereas, the lack of effective communication can lead to poor patient outcomes and a hostile and unproductive work environment. One form of health communication is small group communication. Small group communication refers to the verbal and nonverbal communication that occurs among a collection of individuals whose relationships make them, to some degree, interdependent (Northouse & Northouse, 1998, p.196). When developing a small group, there are several components of small groups that can affect the groups’ functioning (Northouse & Northouse, 1998, p.222). Goals, norms, cohesiveness, leader behaviors, member behaviors, and therapeutic factors are the components that need consideration. Goals give the reason for forming a group. Goals can be formulated ideas that the group members decide on. Norms justify the behavioral expectations for the members. Cohesiveness is the sense of ‘we-ness’ shared by group members that stimulates members to stay in a group (Northouse & Northouse, 1998, p.222). Leader and member behaviors are important because groups would...
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