"What Can Firms Do To Increase Salesperson Status" Essays and Research Papers

What Can Firms Do To Increase Salesperson Status

Case 1-1: “What They Didn’t Teach in the Sales Class" 1. Should Rick Lester “turn in his keys”? • Rick Lester should not give up that easily and blame his job. No job can be done effortlessly. He should take everything as a challenge and learn from them. In this way, he can maximize his ability in coping up with similar instances that he faces in his job and being able to overcome much easier than he it was before. These will him a better person and a salesperson. He must develop to...

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What Words Can Do

Many individuals claim that there is nothing worse than death. But what about the great misfortunes and cruelties one endures long before they meet their demise? Perhaps something worse than death is the actual living itself, when a person’s differences are constantly condemned and excoriated by those around them. Andre Gide writes, “Society knows perfectly well how to kill a man and has methods more subtle than death.” For gay teens, the vitriolic diatribes by peers at school, the ostracism...

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Bullying: What Can You Do?

 Bullying: What Can You Do? Bullying in America used to be a rite of passage for kids of all ages, something that everyone went through, and survived, coming out none the worse in the end. I remember going through it. It wasn't easy, and I had to endure quite a bit of it because of what I looked like, even as a seemingly regular kid. But I survived, nonetheless, and came out better for it, more empathetic, and more sensitive to the needs of those around me who may not have been able to find...

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What One Man Can Do

What One Man Can DoWhat one man can do another man can do” is a famous quote spoken by Sir Anthony Hopkins in the movie The Edge. This line has always fascinated, inspired, and motivated me to continue forward in moments of adversity. Fortunately, there are many people whose lives are an example of what can be accomplished. Although that list may be long, three stand out to me: Pablo Popovitch, submission wrestling world champion and my teacher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr. Olympia, Hollywood...

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what is the moral status of an embryo?

What moral status does the human embryo have? The moral status of the embryo is a controversial and complex issue. The main viewpoints are outlined below. 1. The embryo has full moral status from fertilization onwards Either the embryo is viewed as a person whilst it is still an embryo, or it is seen as a potential person. The criteria for ‘personhood’ are notoriously unclear; different people define what makes a person in different ways. Arguments for this view Arguments against this view ...

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Why Do Firms Go Global

Why Do Some Firms Become Global? 1. Introduction More and more companies all over the world have joined the army of firms that are running globally. Reasons of companies becoming increasingly international can vary,while the ultimate goal of going global turns out to be growth and expansion of the company. No matter whether a firm employs staff from international labour market or looks for exploration of new markets overseas, corresponding strategies can contribute a great deal to diversification...

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages to a Firm of Operating on a Large Scale?

Q4) what are the advantages and disadvantages to a firm of operating on a large scale? Economies of scale fall under microeconomics and are the cost advantages a business obtains due to expansion. As scale is increased they cause a producers average cost per unit to fall. Microeconomics (from Greek prefix micro- meaning "small" and "economics") is a branch of economics in which you study the behaviour of how the individual firms make decisions to allocate limited resources. Normally, it applies...

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What Can I Do with a Computer

Project Table of Contents Section 1 2 Section 2 4 Section 3 6 Section 4 7 Documentation of Prices 9 Section 1 (What Can I Do With A Computer): Due to the fact that I am an Accounting and Finance double major there are many needs that this computer I am buying for the University of Delaware and after must contain. To start off, I will start with talking about what this computer needs for both aspects of college and post college. First and most obviously, this computer needs to be able...

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What Can I Do to Promote Diversity and Equality?

What can I do to promote diversity and equality. • DID YOU KNOW THAT OUR LITERATURE IS AVAILABLE IN ALL OF Treat people as individuals respecting their beliefs and views even when they are different from your own. Seek to treat your work colleagues and service users with dignity and respect at all times. Take into account your colleagues’ and service users’ religious, cultural and social needs. Seniors and Managers should ask new staff during their service induction if they have any cultural...

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Managerial Theories of Firm Marris

Managerial Theories of Firm Marris and Williamson's Models Marris’ Managerial Thesis of Firm Marris has put forth a significant thesis of firm as per which the managers do not optimise profits but in its place as per him, they look for to optimise profits balanced rate of increase of the firm. Optimisation of balanced rate of increase of the firm entails optimisation of the rate of increase of demand for the commodities of the firm and rate of increase of capital supply. If I symbolises...

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What Can Teenager Do for a Hobby

What Teenager Do For A Hobby? Teenagers use a lot of their time for hobbies. There are many types of characters in teens. So every teenager has different interests and hobbies. For example sports, collecting some things like marks, stamps and labels, reading books, writing, and cooking. Girls and boys are different. For example, boys are interested in sports like football, basketball, volleyball and swimming. But girls prefer dancing, singing and going out with friends. Some girls like sports...

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What a Language Course Can Do

What a language course can do Fill the gaps with the correct tenses. 1. I have been learning English for seven years now. 2. But last year I was not working hard enough for English, that's why my marks were not really that good then. 3. As I want to pass my English exam successfully next year, I am going to study harder this term. 4. During my last summer holidays, my parents sent me on a language course to London. 5. It was great and I think I have learned a lot. 6. Before I went to London...

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What Can We Do to Stop Global Warming

What can we do to Stop Global Warming? Climate change may be a big problem, but there are many little things we can do to make a difference. If we try, most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap energy in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer. Some of these gasses occur naturally while others are caused by humans. The most common of...

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What Types of Firm Use Minority Employee Share Ownership Plans, and Why Do They Do so?

If a firm uses a minority share ownership plan, external shareholders own it with a minority of employee owners, usually no more than 5% of the firm. Management or the board of directors exercises control of the firm and there is limited employee participation. While a significant number of employees may own shares in the firms they work for, almost all of this stock is in firms that are only minority employee-owned. In this essay I intend to explore the causes and consequences of firms choosing...

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Are There Any Limits to What a Sovereign State Can Do?

Are There Any Limits To What A Sovereign State Can Do? There are a number of limitations to what a sovereign state can do. Exogenous limits imposed by globalization, endogenous voluntary limits imposed by consent and legal limits imposed by membership of the international society of states. The extent of such limitations depends on which state is being considered and also on the period of time under consideration. That is to say some states are more constrained than others both domestically and...

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What can we do to stop homophobic bullying?

PSE: What is homophobic bullying and what can we do to stop it? Homophobic bullying affects people on a very large scale and it causes depression, especially amongst young people (teenagers). Statistics of the National Comorbidity Survey Adolescent Supplement shows that approximately 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder by the age of 18. In contrast the average figures suggest that out of the 7 million 11-19 year olds is the Uk, 770000 of them suffer from depression. according the the...

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Whats in the Can

unmarked, unopened tin can and explains that the store's owners are threatening to fire him and all his staff if they cannot keep track of the items that they sell. He asks you to help him figure out what is inside. There is one catch: He does not want to open the can, just in case there is something expensive inside. During this week's discussion, your instructor will play the role of the Circus Supermarket store manager. Your instructor will answer any questions you have about the can, and you should...

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What Can I Do To the Transformation Of The Philippines?

 What can I contribute to the transformation of the Philippines? (I must start from being nothing) For the past years, I have been thinking about what are the things that would make Philippines shine as one of the best countries in the world. Known from its cultural diversity and beautiful surroundings, our country has indeed proved to the world that somehow we can catch up with the teething troubles of being an archipelago. And as years passed, it seems like our country is becoming more...

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Why Do Firms Grow.

The traditional profit maximizing theories of the firm have been criticised for being unrealistic. As a result, alternative theories of the firm were introduced (Sloman & Sutcliffe, 2001). One of the alternative theories of the firm is Growth maximization. Following are the main motives for the firms to grow:  The cost motive: A growth maximising firm can lower its long run average costs by exploiting economies of scale and economies of scope. Economies of scale come into effect when increasing...

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“the Marketing Environment Comprises a Microenvironment and a Macroenvironment. What Happens in These Environments Is Largely Uncontrollable by Firms but Can Have a Significant Impact on Organisational Performance” (

“The marketing environment comprises a microenvironment and a macroenvironment. What happens in these environments is largely uncontrollable by firms but can have a significant impact on organisational performance” (Jobber and Fahy, 2009: 48). Discuss. If a firm wants to be marketing-orientated, they need to look at the environment they operate in and take advantage of emerging opportunities and minimize threats. The Marketing Environment consists of the Macroenvironment and the Microenvironment;...

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What Can Affect Attitude and Behavior?

What can affect attitude and behavior? Outline I. Family life. a. Divorce and attitude b. Family values c. Modeling adults II. Friendships. a. Friends and behavior. b. Peer pressure. c. Positive friendships. III. Surroundings. a. Home setting. b. Importance of education. c. Environment. IV. Economic Status. a. Career. b. Poverty vs. Middleclass. c. Improving your economic status. A person’s attitude and behavior can be...

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Do Business Firms Maximize Profits?

Chapter 6: “What Do Firms Try to Maximize, if Anything?” Introduction Do firms really maximize profit? This question has been under debate since the 1940s and 1950s, when a wide number of mainstream neoclassical economists defended the assumption against a group of institutional economists that questioned the assumption as the norm in the industry. On the side of the neoclassical economists were Fritz Machlup and Milton Friedman, with institutional economists Richard A. Lester and Garnder C...

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Boredom- What Can Teens Do About It?

completely different than the aforementioned - something that caters more to their interests. So what can we do for these bored teenagers? You see, we have all the facilities etc. From bars to reacreational areas, places offering live music, a countless amount of shopping malls. Yet, teenagers are still bored. Thus I think it is crucial to ask the young people would like to do, then officials can plan their activities and build the venues accordingly. If we don't, we will face the risk of continually...

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What Great Managers Do

 “What Great Managers Do” INTRODUCTION For many years studies have been done about the intricacies of the relationship between a manager and an employee. Many managers have posed questions on how to motivate their employees or get the most out of their team. Through studies, observations, and opinions researchers and experts have answered these questions regarding the role the leader can play to gain the most out of their employees. One such researcher is Marcus Buckingham who is the author...

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Do Resuscitate Status: a Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing

Do Resuscitate Status: A Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing Shawn Wolkart Senior Integrative Seminar Spring A semester, 2010 University of Saint Mary Abstract A status of do resuscitate in those critically ill patients may result in a slow code. A slow code is a situation where the nursing staff decides to do less than the standard set forth by advanced life support algorithms and the nurse practice act and allow the patient to die instead of possibly sustaining life. The...

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To what extent can improvements in productive flow and product quality lead to an increase in sales and profit?

 To what extent can improvements in productive flow and product quality lead to an increase in sales and profit? Introduction Both of the sales and profit are the most crucial factors in the operating of a business. High sales and profits help the business to keep operating so that is the reason why businesses are continually seeking methods to increase the sales volume and profits. Sales volume depends on a variety of factors such as the product pricing, the feature of the product, advertising...

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To what extent do McDonalds use motivational theories to enhance the performance of their employees and hence increase efficiency/productivity? Are these methods effective?

To what extent do McDonalds use motivational theories to enhance the performance of their employees and hence increase efficiency/productivity? Are these methods effective? Introduction McDonalds is a large multinational company that supplies millions of people with fast food. It is important for them to ensure that the workforce they employ is working to their full potential. McDonalds are very customer/ market orientated. They depend on a reputation for customer service. If employees are not...

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“Ask Not What You Can Do for Your University, but What Your University Can Do for You”

The Current Undergraduate The article, “Ask Not What You Can Do For Your University, but What Your University Can Do For You”, written by the University of California Los Angeles Student WebZine, claims that universities are no longer providing education for students, but rather running a business. Colleges have turned into a profit seeking institution, making decisions based on financial concerns. The article claims that students are customers and education is a purchase. Webzine scolds the students...

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What Are the Main Features of Taylor’s Approach to ‘Scientific Management’, and What Criticisms Have Been Made of It? Do Firms Use Scientific Management Today?

What are the main features of Taylor’s approach to ‘Scientific Management’, and what criticisms have been made of it? Do firms use Scientific Management today? A term “Scientific production management” was initially introduced in the 1800s by the famous economist Adam Smith in his book “The Wealth of Nations”(Beechmont ) Later on, in 1911, American engineer Frederick Taylor made a research in this field and on its’ basis developed key principles that changed factory management and improved economic...

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How to Increase Your Salary

TIPS HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SALARY Talk about salary negotiation is not an easy thing to do. Often even can lead to frustration and heartache.No special training or courses that teach how to effectively negotiate a salary. Most employees facing his superiors to negotiate a salary in an emotional state so weakened his own position when negotiating. The ability to negotiate salary needs to be owned either by subordinates or by a boss who will face a demand for a raise from his subordinates. There...

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The Firm

( SKUAD ) The Firm 1993 film The Firm is a 1993 American legal thriller film directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Hal Holbrook, and David Strathairn Release date : june 30, 1993 Director : Sydeny Pollack. Story by : John Grisham Screen play : john Grisham, Robert towne, David Rabe, David Ravfiel. Awards: people choice award for favorite drama movie The Firm follows the main character, Mitch...

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What Can Mattel Do to Enhance Product Quality?

Q4. What can Mattel do to enhance product quality? As mentioned in the article, one of the contributing reasons to the recalls of Mattel’s toys was due to insufficient quality controls. Product quality starts from the product development and design stages of an industry. Mattel has research and development centre where the designs and developments of its products is done in its headquarters in California, USA. Most of the recalls of Mattel products in 2007 were due to the design fault, excessive...

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What Is Meant by Market Failure and How Can the Government Attempt to Correct It?

Assignment 1 What is meant by market failure and how can the government attempt to correct it? Why do some markets fail? Market failure is said to occur when the price mechanism is unable to allocate resources efficiently. Meaning that the forces of supply and demand lead to a net welfare loss in society, that the resources were not used to their maximum capacity. When there is market failure it is down to the government to correct them. Here are five way in which the market can fail • Externalities ...

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Nature of a Cpa Firm

CPA Firm For this case study I looked at a broad range of CPA firms’ websites from the large national firms such as Deloitte, PWC and Ernst & Young to the smaller local firms including KDV, Copeland Buhl & Co and Schechter, Dokken & Kanter. While examining these websites, the first thing that became apparent to me is that the content and functionality from website to website is very similar. All of the websites I looked at include an ‘About Us’ page explaining who they are and what they...

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What Can Indivuduals Do to Help Protect Environment and Why?

important?…………………… 3. What can individuals do to helps protect environment? ………… 4. Conclusion……………………………………………………….. WHAT CAN INDIVUDUALS DO TO HELP PROTECT ENVIRONMENT AND WHY? Introduction: The environment is defined as all the elements (biotic or abiotic) that surround an individual or species, some of which directly contribute to support herself one, or as all natural conditions (physical, chemical, biological) and cultural (sociological) can act on living organisms and...

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You Own a Chain of Restaurants and You Have Very High Staff Turnover. You Don’t Know Why People Are Leaving You. Your Profits Are Down. What You Can Do to Change This Situation.

You own a chain of restaurants and you have very high staff turnover. You don’t know why people are leaving you. Your profits are down. what you can do to change this situation. The high turnover rates in the chain of the restaurants that are operated in the firm significantly affect the bottom line of the firm. It has been noted that it costs approximately two times to train an employee to fill the vacancy that has been left by an employee as compared to the cost of paying the salary of the given...

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Market Failure - How Do Markets Fail and What Can Be Done About It?

optimum. Goods that have large positive externalities can either be public goods or merit goods. Public goods are non-rivalrous and non-excludable, while private goods, such as a merit good, are rivalrous and excludable. When a good has large positive externalities, the government should support its production. When a good has large negative externalities (demerit good), the government should limit or stop its production and consumption. Markets can fail in regard to externalities in four ways: lack...

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Adjustments MNCs Should Do

Adjustments MNCs Should Do Ying Sun Southern New Hampshire University Abstract The paper explores what some adjustment MNCs should do and things they should notice when trying to start a business in other country. The essay discusses those points from three aspects: marketing strategy adjustment, management strategy adjustment and financing strategy adjustment. Each aspect explains why the company needs to do the adjustment, mainly because the firm is now in an environment that...

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KPMG: How many Firms?

Professional Standards do not allow a company’s auditors to also provide tax services and retain independence. There have been myriad restrictions placed on professional service companies by the SEC and PCAOB. These companies are restricted on the nonaudit services that the company’s auditors can provide clients. If a service company provides auditing services for a particular company, they are restricted in terms of other services that they can provide. These restrictions were not always in place...

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Firm and Its Objectives

A. FIRM AND ITS OBJECTIVE: Conventional theory of firm assumes profit maximization is the sole objective of business firms. But recent researches on this issue reveal that the objectives the firms pursue are more than one. Some important objectives, other than profit maximization are: (a) Maximization of the sales revenue (b) Maximization of firm’s growth rate (c) Maximization of Managers utility function (d) Making satisfactory rate of Profit (e) Long run Survival of the firm (f) Entry-prevention...

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Divorce. How can we prevent divorces? What can the government do?

Gray believes that many marriages in trouble can be saved and a successful marriage all depends on the husband and wife working together. He also says that sometimes love is easy and other times it needs effort. We shouldn't expect to always be loving and we need to be understanding when we don't know how to be loving (285-286). Couples need to be provided with the tools they need to keep their relationship strong. I think there are three ways we can prevent or lessen our chances of divorce. The...

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Telecommuting Increases Productivity

Telecommuting Increases Productivity Telecommuting, also known as work-from-home, is a common practice among many business firms. In many articles, authors claim that telecommuting makes noticeable contribution to companies, increasing productivity by around 15%-50%. However, to some CEOs, telecommuting is not an attractive option. They think that most people exaggerate the significance of telecommuting because they worry about losing direct control over the employees. Actually, telecommuting can significantly...

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What Do Nurses Really Do

 What Do Nurses Really Do? Alicia Wells The University of Southern Mississippi College of Nursing Over the years, the question of what nurses really do on a daily basis has confounded not only the general public, but also those who work in the healthcare field. However, one cannot attempt to explain what nurses do on a daily basis without first understanding what nursing is and why the healthcare field even exists. The field of nursing exists primarily to assist the physicians and to facilitate...

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Do what?

aspartame and saccharin work biologically. Why are they so much sweeter than natural sugars? Research the history of their development and investigate how many types are available at a local grocery store. What type of products do you find artificial sweeteners in? Are there natural substitutes that do the same jab as artificial sweeteners? Name some. Your report must include: --A detailed summary of the structures and functions of various types of carbohydrates discussed in class - An explanation...

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The Japanese Model of the Firm

During this essay, it will be analysed the differences and similarities between The Japanese Theory Firm and The Transactional Cost Approach by Williamson and we will see how realistic could be this approach in our contemporary economy system. One crucial aspect that helped the current Technological Revolution was The Japanese Theory of the Firm best developed by Aoki, in which the firm is seen from a different perspective as it was seen before from the United States. To understand better this...

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Why do firms become multinational enterprises

 Why do firms become multinational enterprises? There are multiple ways to define what is meant by the term “multinational enterprise” (MNE), most of which can be reduced to a short list of criteria summarised effectively by Franklin Root (1994). He defined an MNE as a parent company that i) engages in foreign production through its affiliates located in more than one country; ii) exercises direct control over the policies of its affiliates; and iii) implements transnational business strategies...

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What They Do: Accountants And Auditors

WHAT THEY DO: Accountants and auditors examine financial statements for accuracy and conformance with laws. Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records. They ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. Accountants and auditors assess financial operations and work to help ensure that organizations run efficiently. Duties Accountants and auditors typically do the following: • Examine financial statements to be sure that they are...

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Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?

HBR Case Review: Can You Say What Your Strategy Is? David J. Collins & Michael G. Rukstad Issue: * Executives cannot articulate the objective, scope and advantage of their business in a simple (35 word) statement. Supported By: * Leaders assume that strategic planning process will be communicated succinctly and ensures success. Proposed Solution: * Leaders must draft a simple, clear, succinct strategy statement that everyone can internalize and use as a guiding light...

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What Do Friends Do for You?

  2. What do we want to learn?  What  are  the  key  concepts  (form,  function,  causation,  change,  connection,  perspective,  responsibility,  reflection) to be emphasized within this inquiry  Key concepts: ​ Form, responsibility, connection  Related concepts:​  cooperation​  or ​ conflict, interdependence  What  lines  of  inquiry  will  define  the  scope  of  the  inquiry  into  the  central  idea?  What  teacher  questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?  Lines of inquiry  ...

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What to Do About Immigration

By: Lena Peschmann What To Do About Immigration The concern about the impact that immigration impose on American society is not a new one. Since the discovery of the New World immigrants from all over the world moved to American continent in search of a better life, that this vast and rich in sources, yet scarce in population land had promised them. Soon the immigrants outnumbered the native population. They came from England, Europe and Asia. In addition, millions of Africans were imported as...

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We Can Do It!

Rosie the Riveter Looking at this war poster as a whole looks very normal to many viewers (it contains a statement which states “We Can Do It!” in white letters with a blue background). It also contains two main colors; blue and yellow. Rosie the riveter is the main person in the ad, along with the main subject. She is wearing a blue collar shirt, an orange and white hair scarf and a collar button. At the bottom of the ad is a large W letter underlined which stands for women’s rights ( women’s right...

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Supply Increases Price

Homework Week 2 3. What effect will each of the following have on the demand for small automobiles such as the Mini Cooper and Smart car? a. Small automobiles become more fashionable This will increase the demand in small automobiles b. The price of large automobiles rises (with the price of small autos remaining the same) The demand will increase c. Income declines and small autos are an inferior good. The demand will increase d. Consumers anticipate that the price of small autos...

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Effect of Marital Status on Health

Khunteta , Roll No.-10702, Assignment-1 Topic :: Effect of Marital Status on Health. 1) Question :- Is marital status associated with change in body weight? 2) Hypothesis :- Marriage is associated with small weight increase for both men and women. i.e. marriage can make us fat. 3) Variables :- i) Independent variable:-Marital status. ii) Dependent variable:- Body weight.(indirectly we are pointing to...

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What to Do?: Terrorism and the Media

What To Do?: Terrorism and the Media Imagine you are a resident of Jerusalem, in the year 60 AD. You are taking a walk throughout the marketplace doing your weekly shopping. You see a man pull out a dagger and he yells ‘death to all Romans' and attacks a roman guard, killing him in front of hundreds of spectators. The assassin quietly slips into the crowd and is lost in a sea of people never to be found. The word of the attack spreads and soon it is the talk of the town. Many more attacks...

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What Are The Consequences Of Cutting Do

What are the consequences of cutting down trees? There are many consequences for the environment of cutting down trees. Known as deforestation it has huge effects on the environment. It one very big effect is the loss of biodiversity which is a direct effect of cutting down trees. There are many reasons of which humans act out deforestation. For example is so that we can set up cattle farms. Also grow crops of which can then be sold to people. Another reason is for urbanisation and for the building...

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Bullying at school: What we know and what we can do

In emergency situation, what are the qualities that would be expected from the leader? In reality, as a leader, there are many emergency situations you need to face sometime the situation will related to life, the teammates survival or not is based on leader actions. No matter what kind of leader such as business leaders, class representative, uniform team leaders or inspectors etc. Leader always assume to lead his labor or teammate to solve some problems. Generally, a leaders will better than...

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The Nature of the Firm by Coase

Nobel Prize in Economics in 1991. Coase is best known for two articles in particular: "The Nature of the Firm" (1937), which was written at his age of 27, lets even say his quite early economic age. This article, which was a brief but highly influential essay, Coase introduces the concept of transaction costs to explain the size of firms. Resume Introducing his analysis of ‘The nature of the firm’, Coase refers to D.H. Robertson who points out that we find “islands of conscious power in this ocean...

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What to Do

the “Handouts” section of wesportal • If you have questions, please let me know! Psychology, Third Edition Saundra K. Ciccarelli • J. Noland White Copyright ©2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Class Overview • • • • • What is consciousness? Altered states: Sleep Dreams Altered states: The effects of hypnosis Altered states: The influence of psychoactive drugs • Psychology in everyday life • Friday Funday! Psychology, Third Edition Saundra K. Ciccarelli • J. Noland White ...

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What Are the Benefits for Foreign Firms to Cross List in the Us Markets?

What are the benefits for foreign firms to cross list in the US markets? Do the benefits remain after the SOX? Do you think the benefits would remain unchanged after the worldwide adoption of IFRS? Foreign companies are always looking for a new country to plant a flag and expand their global market place. One of the ways that they do this in the business world is through a process called cross listing. This practice allows a company owned and operated in Country A to list their company in Country...

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What can I do to make a difference in Animal Kingdom

What can I do to make a difference: In the Life of Animal and there by Environment My deep conviction of being vegetarian will not only make the difference in the life of the animal kingdom but also save the Earth planet. I think a vegetarian habit will go a long way to enjoy long sustainable way of life using Natural Capital economically. This habit can also serve as an example for future generation if they could be convinced regarding the truth of being vegetarian in its perspective value, imparting...

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