What I Can Do

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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What I can do?
As a family, there are few things that we could do to reduce fuel consumption, it would help if other people see us and try to do the same. The most we can do is if we go to one place and we are all going, we will just use one car and try not use the air conditioning because it makes us consume more fuel. Also, if we need to buy some clothes, shoes, food or pay bills, we do it in one mall that has all the stores we need, because that make us spend less fuel. We should also try to be early when we are going to work or to school to avoid traffic jams.

My dad told us to use compact fluorescent lightbulbs even though these ones are expensive because it will help us save a lot of energy in the house. Also, at night we turn off the lights we are not using, because energy is wasted if nobody is using it. We told the housemaid to not use hot water when she washes clothes and to air dry the laundry outside. And as a family we had decided to not use air conditioning in our house because it will make us to expend more energy and the bills will be more expensive. Also, we had bought a new television, because the television with LED technology expends less energy.

In conclusion, we always try not to expend a lot of fuel or energy, because it is expensive and in my country we don’t have a big salary to pay bills. Also, because we know the condition of the environment and we are trying to preserve our nature.
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