• Status of Women in the United States
    1. The status of women in the United States throughout history has grown significantly. Throughout history women had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than. Women were seen to be just wives and mothers and take care of the homes while the husbands worked. Women
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  • Diversity (Women and Lgbt)
    ------------------------------------------------- Associate Program Material Diversity Organizations Worksheet Complete the following table with notes and thoughts related to your findings: Site | Thoughts/Notes | www.madre.org | International women’s human rights organization tha
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  • Women Trafficking
    External Evaluation Combating Human Trafficking Programme Operation Dayswork Norwegian Church Aid Ação Educativa Diaconia Instituto Socioambiental Serviço de Prevenção ao Tráfico de Mulheres e Meninas Viva Rio - Final Report- December 2010...
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