Women and Glbt

Topics: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, President of the United States Pages: 4 (1150 words) Published: May 11, 2013
The status of women in the United States historically had one similarity in the later part of the twentieth century ranging to the early part of the twenty-first century; that connection was based on societies concept of women culture that shows the differences between man and woman. These beliefs were not just differences in gender, but in equality. You see women’s equality hinged on societies beliefs that women should only be a wife and mother, nothing more. Traditionally these concepts were formed by society, whose beliefs was that women status was based on their standing in the family and the community. In the past there were women advocacy groups, women movements, and women private organizations that helped women to obtain equality. In 1878 Elizabeth Cady Stanton “drafted a federal suffrage amendment that was introduced in every Congress.” From 1878 to 1920, because women did not have the same rights as men in society, Elizabeth kept submitting amendment she had drafted to Congress until women was granted the right to vote. From the end of the twentieth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century women’s ambition were helped along by United Nation and legislations that had been created and signed by past presidents. There have been a lot of social and legal changes stated in an article by McGraw Hill (Par 3) “over the past 160 years,” because women have been allowed to take part in the educational and the government divisions. These are changes were made in the legal system, because of the men and women “who have advocated for women’s rights.” McGraw Hill (Par 3). In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton “organized the first U.S. women rights convention in Seneca Falls New York, to discuss women’s civil rights.” McGraw Hill (Par 3). The younger generations of today are enjoying the benefits of the women’s rights movement. In the last three presidencies, women and minorities have been elected to work along with the presidents, congress and...
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