Women and Glbt

Topics: Transgender, Gender, Binary relation Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Women and GLBT Yesterday and Today
Sherri Joiner

November 25, 2012
Maria Kithhart

Women and GLBT Yesterday and Today
Throughout history women and people of the gay, lesbian, and transgender community have faced many acts of inequality. Women have experienced inequality in many aspects such as jobs, voter rights, public offices, and other areas simply because of the fact that they are women. People of the GLBT community have faced these inequalities in jobs, society, public offices, and other areas as well because of their sexual preference. Both women and members of the GLBT have emerged to see these inequalities being overcome throughout the last century. Throughout time, women have always been seen as the weaker sex of the human race. Not only have they been considered weaker, but also intellectually inferior to men. Women were considered to be better suited for roles inside the home as a wife and a mother. They have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities. In the 20th century, women won the right to vote and also increased their educational and job opportunities. With these opportunities, women have merged onto the workforce and political stages. The general consensus of a woman today is no longer confined to the home as a housekeeper and mother taking care of her children. Great strides have been made for women. Today, women are CEOs, hold political offices, business owners, police officers, and much more. Not only are women all of these, but they continue to be the mother and housekeeper as well. They are not simply seen as the weaker sex, but are now seen as intellectually equal to their male counterparts. In some instances, the roles have been reversed in this modern age and some women are the wage earners of the family and the male is the housekeeper and homemaker.
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