Inequities Women Face

Topics: Gender, Inequality, Woman Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The Inequities Women Face
Women have always been perceived as subordinate to men. As time has passed, women’s equality has improved, but they are still not seen as equal to the opposite gender. Women have been treated unjustly for centuries, simply viewed as the caretaker of household duties. Women (the female gender) are more misunderstood because they are stereotyped in the media, viewed as the weaker sex in the workplace, and suffer from pay inequality.

Women are labeled today in the media with a fraudulent reputation. Women are mainly projected this way in rap music and a lot of today’s television. The lyrics in music refer to women as pieces of meat for men to have their way with. For example “Baby Got Back” is a degrading song about women and how men want them to look. Also, the music videos do not help with the image of women as merely sex objects. They show women that are half naked and the dancing styles they are asked to perform are seductive. This type of music makes it hard for women to be respected by the younger society. In addition, television also contributes to an unfavorable image of women. There are all kinds of shows displaying women pregnant when they are very young and not able to support themselves and a child. For example, I feel the producers romanticize teenage pregnancy. First, they pay young women a lot of money to be on the reality shows; therefore, they entice women to get pregnant in hopes of stardom. Second, in the movies they show young girls between ages 14-18 having children and still graduating high school or living on their own. What the movies omit are the realistic consequences of teenage pregnancy: like their parents kicking them out, dropping out of high school because they have to get a full time job, and some young women having to deal with their boyfriend or baby’s daddy leaving them. Young women are misconstrued and the media is a contributing factor.

Women have struggled with a convincing argument that...
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