Girl Power!

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Girl power!
Boys and girls are co-existent in this world. They both have their own potential to make changes to our world. Boys (men) with their strength can do many masculine tasks which are usually considered important and crucial. Therefore, they are dominant to girls in many positions. Girls are believed to have less power and abilities than boys. However, as the new 21st century has begun, this perception changes. Girls (later are women) in have more power. They can do many things they want and are recognized for their achievements. For centuries, housework, chores and raising children are generally considered to belong to a woman's domain. They are the ones who take care of the whole family, maybe without the help of anyone else. Usually their housework is believed to be obvious, it’s the thing every women have to do. That’s the role of women in their family. The question is that “Has anyone ever understand how hard it could be for a woman- a wife to finish all her housework?.” However, women have been able to complete everything without complaining a word. They should really be praised for their silent but important role they have successfully accomplished. Moreover, with the advent of industrialization and technological development, the lifestyles of human beings started to change. Needs of human beings have multiplied and in this process earning substantial income for maintaining a decent life has become the highest priority. The role of today's modern woman varies significantly from that of her grandmother or great grandmother. The most significant different is that a modern woman is expected not only to do the housework but also earn a living for her family. This demand women to start to move outside home. Women pursued education in equal terms with males and with this women literacy rate improved tremendously. Subsequently, women participate in all walks of life. They think independently and participated equally in the outside world...
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