• Korean Business Communication
    Pugh 1 James Pugh Business Communications 254.C June 22, 2006 Korean Business Communication The world of international business is becoming smaller and smaller daily due to "Amazing new transportation and information technologies which are major contributors to the devel
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  • Business Ethics
    I would like to discuss the normative ethics pertaining to the affair committed by Boeing corporate executive Mr. Stonecipher, and an unknown female executive, and whether he should have been forced to resign. Widespread corporate scandals of the last decade have heightened public awareness about se
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  • Business Mba
    FedEx, McDonalds, Microsoft, BellSouth are all successful businesses that began in the exact same place, the exact same way; they are all ideas that were "born" inside the mind of a present or fledgling entrepreneur. Before their spark of business there was training, training from other sources. The
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  • The Contribution Made by Knowledge of Business History
    Executive summary In late 1980s, there is a round table discussion about the ‘business history'. The discussion focuses on the need of business history for the development of the current business. To effectively evaluate the historians that have long studied business history, one must first come
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  • Business Processes Engineering
    Core Knowledge Area Module Number 6: Principles of Using BPR to align Information Technology as an Enabler in Industry Construction Depth Component Student: XXX XXX Faculty Mentor: Dr. XXX XXX Faculty Assessor: Dr. XXX XXX XXX University August 31, 2006 Abstract With the increase
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  • Current Ethical Issues in Business
    Current Ethical Issue in Business Big Ben or Big Brother is an article that discusses a major aspect of today's ethical issues in the business world. This ethical issue has to do with invasion of privacy. Each year, the national members and affiliated organizations of Privacy International present
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  • Employment and Small Business
    Employment and Small Business Small business, big business, in today's business world, it is all business. Small businesses and big businesses must compete with each other on the global front, employment practices, benefits, and services. Small businesses must be able to operate their business ver
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  • Business Ethics
    Ethical decisions are made on a daily basis by most individuals. It seems to me, most ethical decisions are quite simple and we can use common sense or our gut reaction to make a quick, painless decisions. Although, I have been in several situations throughout the years which have required extensive
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  • Business Ethics
    Thesis Ethics are the rules or moral principles that individuals or group of individuals agree on and use as aspiration goals (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2003). Businesses that enforce and abide clear ethical standards or ethical code of conduct create ethical working environment. Business's ethic
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  • Honesty in Business
    "When 4,500 high school students were asked by Don McCabe of Rutgers if they'd ever cheated on tests or exams, roughly three quarters admitted they had. When McCabe asked them if they'd ever cheated on homework, 97 percent said yes" (Ivry 1). Inculcating honesty should be a first priority in schoo
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  • Business in Danish Clothes Company
    Table of contents 1 Introduction 3 1.1 International Managerial Economics 3 1.2 Purpose of the report 3 1.3 Problem formulation 3 1.3.1 Description of the firm 3 1.3.2 Problem identification 3 1.3.3 Problem solving 3 1.4 Delimitations 3 2 Presentation of the firm 4 2.1 Bestseller 4 3 Ma
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  • Gods in Business
    In the United States, in seems that values and morals are being dominated by greed in the business world. Guptara addresses this in a notable way. He makes us recognize that this problem is only going to persist in the future if the upcoming generations don't take steps to change this corruption.
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  • Doing Business in Mexico
    Executive Summary To be given an opportunity to do business in Mexico, one must understand where to start and how to deal with a totally different social and cultural environment from what one is accustom too. To succeed in making a good first impression and to carry out any type of business transa
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  • Fake Business Plan-Used in Deca
    I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Book Worms Anonymous is a bookstore in the Southwest Missouri area. It is the goal of the marketing team to acquire the local market share in the music and bookstore industry through low prices, variety of products, a comprehensive amount of services that include buyback and t
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  • International Business Slovenia Report
    Introduction / Abstract to Report: For this piece of coursework we will be acting as Partners for a leading Management Consultancy based in London. We have been asked to set up an office in Ljubljana, Slovenia and provide the Senior Partners with a report that consists of the following: An a
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  • Business Regulation Simulation 530
    Business Regulation Simulation University of Phoenix Introduction Alumina Inc. is a $4 billion aluminum maker, based in the United States, which operates in eight countries around the world. The United States market constitutes 70% of its sales. Alumina manufactures automotive components, alu
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  • Business Etiquette in Japanese Negotiations
    Business Etiquette in Japanese Negotiations The world economy is dependent on trade between countries. As globalization of the world's economy increases, companies depend on international negotiations to build strong relationships and extend their services to a larger market. Since World War I
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  • The World Is Flat
    The World is Flat, describes how author Thomas L. Friedman views the flatness in dimensions of the world due to world events, changes in business operations and technological advances. These are tools in the business world that are tested everyday and there were few points that Friedman mentioned, w
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  • Doing Business Abroad
    Our world is becoming increasingly connected and global and the role of international business is increasing. Each country has its own set of unique customs and traditions. Each citizen's beliefs define the cultures by which each citizen abides by in normal everyday life, thus serving as the very fo
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  • Values Used in Business Decision Making
    Abstract This paper will identify my top five values and how they are used in business decision making. Examples will be given to explain the personal foundation of the values and justification as to why the corresponding values were place at their respected position on the list. Values Used
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